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Smugglers on West Island

The Republic of Free West Island is dominating the most trade around the North-Western coast of the Southern Continent. The trade routes between the Zeribian controlled Eastern Islands and the mainland travel to the West Island. Not everyone is happy with the situation.     The Republic requires that all ships passing through must pay taxes of the shipment. They are making huge profit from taxation. This has made the city states of the mainland interested in searching for ways to avoid taxes and get the goods for cheaper. The Zeribian direct trade with the mainland is heavily regulated, and Zeribian ships trying the pass the island somewhere near would be easily spotted, so the goods usually change hands on the island. Trade done completely by mainlanders is also suspected. Many smuggling operations are a collaboration between Zeribian supplliers, West Islander middle hands and the mainlanders.   Smuggling thrives especially well in the more remote, Zeribian dominated towns, such as settlements around Marsh Cape. The sea is pretty narrow, which makes it a bit hard for large Faren ships to travel, but the Zeribian ships can travel easily. The coast on the area is filled with many small islands that are good places for smugglers to hide in or trade items. It's also a great area for Zeribian pirates and privateers to pray on the smugglers.   Many smugglers, such as Lory's family, also work within the large Faren cities and the capital (New Tower) itself. They manage because of their good contacts. Lory's mother is a respectable West Islander, and his father is a mainlander from Silford. There are in fact many West Islanders who would like to have more freedom for trade, and don't have a problem from consealing smugglers from the government.   Common items smuggled:
  Islands -> Mainland
spices, cocoa and other foodstuffs
Sea Silk
  Mainland -> Islands
Bronze, and tin used in bronze production
wine (this is smuggled in secret from the Zeribian Censors. The trade of alcohol on most of the Zeribian city states is strictly regulated.)   Islands -> West Island
Maw Ûmendmeld (Capybara), because breeding and selling of the species has been declared illegal and the creatures must be traded in sercet.
Famous in the Field
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