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Ministry of Storm Cartography

I chased the hurricane in my motorboat, and several tornadoes floated around it. Scribbling the coordinates and zigzagging pattern, I prepared to bring them to the office to be added to the official map.   -A Storm Chaser
Out of the many boring ministries, the storm cartography one is definitely up there. Unlike the real ministry of cartography, this one simply uses the maps, already created and draws on them the paths that storms take. They work on the same ones for months, until a new, big storm comes through, throwing the other ones off course and making all maps before irrelevant. After that, it is all added to the official map, a single one, containing all of the movements in a single jumble of spirals, arrows, and dotted lines. The office work is boring, and there are only six people who work there, none of which are under one-hundred years old. Storm chasers are the ones who collect the data. It is a slightly more interesting job, but still contains lots of writing and graphing.


At the top is the minister of Storm Cartography, then the Cartographers, then the storm chasers.

Public Agenda

To create an up-to-date tracking system to keep the world safe from dangerous storms and destruction.


This ministry has a large building on the shore, outside the capital, crested with their gold symbol, a storming spiral. Inside, there are many framed maps on high-quality parchment. Around them are fancy telescopes and compasses, covered in gems, gold, and silver.


The Ministry of Cartography used to cover storm mapping, but, of course the Ministry of Order decided they needed to be refined, and like always they made a controversial decision. After the duties were split, people were angry and most people who were transferred to the storm cartography left to try and rejoin the original ministry.
Governmental, Ministry

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