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Saharin is a fictional East Asian country created for the Kintsugi novel series. Certain historical events have been revised to form this country but are not assumed to have had a drastic global impact. Therefore, the rest of the world is the same as the one where we live. Explore Saharin and aspects of the Kintsugi novel series below!

Kintsugi Novels

Golden Lotus
Prequel In Progress
Sequel In Progress

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer and powered precious metals. Doing this mends the damage by treating it as an honored aspect of the object's history and often results in a piece even more beautiful than the original. It is a natural metaphor to use when speaking of people who feel damaged or flawed but can be mended in a way that makes them happy with who they are. The Kintsugi series focuses on love as that catalyst, which, importantly, includes self-love.


Author's Note: Why Invent Saharin?

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