The Maypole Company

The Maypole Company is a large commercial corporation that owns many store chains, including the Maypole Supermarkets and the Junebug Convenience Stores which are found throughout the Sagitta Epsilon Galaxy. This corporation is headquartered in the major city Paradisum on Pardisa in the Clia Solar System. The Maypole Company is a funding source for the Sentinels of Eden III and their Pilots.  

Cargo Vehicles

The Maypole Company owns a large fleet of HWCS- and MWCS-class cargo ships. The fleet is roughly 10,000 strong and is equally divided in number between HWCS-class and MWCS-class ships. All of their cargo ships are cleared for interstellar travel.

Providing for You and Yours

Founding Date
17 January 2092 SE
Corporation, Commerce
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles

Cover image: Sagitta Epsilon Header by Moonflower with Canva
Character flag image: The Maypole Company Logo by Aydan Nightshade with Canva


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