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The Hole in the Wall

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You can't do anything about painful memories. Here, have a drink. It'll take the edge off.
— Ryker, trying to keep spirits up
  The Hole in the Wall is an alcohol and foodstuff dispensary formed by some of the survivors of Eden III on the HWCS Excalibur. It was one of the first modifications made to the cargo ship after it became a makeshift home for more than a thousand people. The bar was primarily made to distribute rations to each survivor, but it soon became a gathering place and eventually gained its name.  


The dispensary is named for its location next to an area that has been reinforced after taking damage during the evacuation from Eden III. It originally had no name, but the survivors of Eden III began calling it "The Hole in the Wall" as a shortening of "The Place Next to the Hole in the Wall".


The few staff members the Hole in the Wall has are all refugees from Eden III. Each one of them had a job in the food service industry before Pardisa was destroyed. They were each selected by Selby to take over the duty of distributing rations, and most of them excelled at their job. Those who proved themselves unfit for the task were replaced.
The Hole in the Wall is technically owned by Ace, as the Prime Minister of Eden III and as the one who commandeered the HWCS Excalibur. Despite this, Selby has taken on the responsibility of managing the dispensary and ensuring that no one goes uncared for.


Originally, the Hole in the Wall only distributed prepackaged rations known as REMs, but they expanded their menu as soon as the people became discontent eating the same thing over and over again. Recipes were largely made by trial-and-error with the supplies contained in REMs. Eventually, ingredients expanded to include anything they could purchase with the donations they received from the people they serve.
Is the Eden III Special good today? I'm getting it either way, but I wanna know what I'm getting in to.
— A patron of the Hole in the Wall
A popular dish among the Hole in the Wall's patrons is what is known as the "Eden III Special". This dish is a stew made with water, dried meat, salt, gelatin, and any other precooked ingredient available. To prepare the Eden III Special, the dried meat is simmered in the water with salt, then the other ingredients are added in no particular order. The resulting soup is then thickened with a gelatin packet, and is ready to serve within minutes. Despite this stew's large variability, it has remained popular amongst the survivors. This popularity is largely attributed to the name and the reminder it serves as.
Other meals provided by this dispensary include Chicken and Noodles, Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Pasta with Cheese, Chili, and various sandwiches. There are extremely limited options for those with food sensitivities or allergies, but the staff will prepare meals especially for those who have these dietary considerations.

A Monument

If you need assistance carving a name into the wall, please ask for JEZZY at the counter.
— A card near the wall of names
There are countless names of loved ones that were lost during the destruction of Pardisa carved into the walls surrounding the Hole in the Wall. The staff of the dispensary have taken it upon themselves to fill in the carvings with brightly colored enamel to make them stand out. There has been more than one occasion where a staff member helped a child carve in the name of a parent or friend who didn't make it off the planet.
Some time after the HWCS Excalibur was restocked, a mural of Pardisa was painted on one of the walls nearby along with the word "HOME". Pictures compiled from the survivors were placed around the mural. This is said to be the final monument to Pardisa and those who were lost. The survivors collectively resolved to move on after an impromptu memorial service.
Hours of Operation
Founding Date
14 May 2118 SE
Compartment of Vehicle
20 people

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Fantastic read! I love how the place came to be in such an organic way, from the tavern itself to its name. I also love the addition of the Eden III Special recipe. It gives the tavern extra character and a brief look into the lives of the people roaming the ship (in search of a new home?).   Keep up the good work! :D

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