Intergalactic Currencies

The currency system used between galaxies is made up of two parts: the Galactic Tolar (commonly known as just the Tolar) and the Galactic Kneram (commonly known as just the Kneram). The Tolar is the smaller of the two currency parts. Five-hundred Tolars are worth the same amount as one Kneram. As there is a large difference in value, Tolars are more commonly used for smaller purchases. Knerams are reserved for larger purchases, such as a company importing large quantities of goods.

Although part of the same currency system, prices designate between Tolars and Knerams with different symbols. Ŧ designates a price laid out in Tolars, while ¤ designates Knerams. The system as a whole is given the designation GTK by the Intergalactic Community Association.

A silver standard is used exclusively for intergalactic trade. Gold in particular is not used because it is worth too much for manufacturaing to be withheld for currency reasons.
Tolar is pronounced "TO-lər" as in the English word "molar"

Kneram is pronounced "NEER-am" as in the English word "near" followed by the English word "am"
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Common throughout Known Space
Base Price
10 grams of silver = 1 Galactic Tolar
500 Galactic Tolars = 1 Galactic Kneram
Currency Designation

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