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Lord Ottokar Blaubart {Bluebeard}

Ottokar Blaubart (a.k.a. Bluebeard)

Lord Ottokar Blaubart is a large landowner in the country of Erdenfeuer. His wealth, which is quite extensive, comes initially from the large tracts of land that contain deep forests. His primary business is creating raw materials that are then sold as construction materials for building projects.

Not only does he own the woods surrounding the little town, but he owns the lumber mill where all of the trees are taken for processing.

Blaubart, despite what the name may imply, does not, in fact, have a "blue beard." He is upper middle age but still a fine specimen of masculinity. He may delegate most of the work of hauling and cutting wood to others, but when push comes to shove, he can push and shove with the best of them.

His family sponsors the traditional Woodman games that are held during the lunar Festival of Erdenfeuer. The most talented lumberjacks gather together to compete in feats of strength, skill, and craftsmanship. Blaubart competes every year and does exceptionally well. He is often bested by some of the local and foreign lumberjacks. But his knowledge and strength allow him to earn a respectable finish. If he ever does receive a prize, due to his competition rank, he donates it to the local orphanage of children who lost their parents due to accidents in the sawmill or the great forest.

There is a dark secret about Blaubart, whispered in the corners of taverns. He has married many times, and the wives do not last very long. No one dares to do more than suspect foul play. To challenge Blaubart is to court danger or death.


The Wives of Ottokar Blaubart

  • Cornelia Herschel
  • Alwine Huffman
  • Emilia Voss
  • Anselma Krebs
  • Katherina Bayer


Inspired by Bluebeard

Location: Erdenfeuer

Blaubart: German for Bluebeard. This is the actual name of the fairy tale in Germany.

Lawful Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Current Residence


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