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Victor Voucher

Victor Vohn Voucher (a.k.a. the Artist)

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Victor Voucher is a slightly small with a wiry build. While his body is not strong his hands are thanks to years of working with clay. Often locked in his personal tower where he and his artistic commune create art he hardly sees any sun and has become quite pale. Born with middling features Victor can be said to be somewhat handsome when he talks about art but all other times seems sullen and average.
  As "The Artist" Voucher stands straight and tall, while he is not physically commanding his presence makes up for it. His eyes burn with a fiery passion that shows beauty and madness on his face. As the leader of the Cult his expressions and movement are confident and strong belying a charisma that is normally hidden.

Physical quirks

While Victor Voucher he is small and withdrawn seemingly like a closed flower that only buds at the talk of art.
As the Artist he is expressive, energetic, and outgoing a sunflower in blood reaching for the sky.

Special abilities

An accomplished mage with the aid of his Infernal muse Victor is able to sculpt flesh and bone as if it were clay and petrify the corpse. The Artist's body acts like a vortex which can pull in every bit of sensory information around him, making even magical senses hard to target him.

Apparel & Accessories

There is almost always some kind of artistic tool about his person be it a paintbrush, stone file, or quill.

Specialized Equipment

Beyond his clay knife the Artist uses magic and his bare hands to fight.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a rich merchant family Victor wanted for nothing in his life but a reason to live. Sullen and withdrawn Victor did was was expected but could not find joy in anything that he did until one day he saw an accident. One of his fathers carts filled with alchemical reagents had broken it's wheel and the cart had overturned spilling the various chemicals and mixtures across the city street. Entranced Victor found the inadvertent artwork that called to his soul, this was Victors calling. Immediately he attempted to build himself as an artist but he could never catch the same beauty that had come naturally.   After years of frustration Victor turned to drugs, violence, and even magic in hopes of finding something that could connect with. He found an Infernal Corrupter, it listened to the young Voucher and told him exactly what he had truly saw. The spilled alchemy did not create art it was beauty in destruction. Victor was enthralled and began to create inspired works of art thanks to his muse Aeon. To most of the nobility he was a fairly popular artist who would appear with avant-garde artwork that seems inspired, to his artistic collective he was the high priest of art and beauty, and to the poor of the city slums he was a nightmare who kidnapped people who would not be missed to be made into his art.


VIctor Voucher is a well off artist with various patrons and followers. While he is supposedly creating art he leads a gathering of artists and blindly devoted followers of the Cult of Aeon as the cells High Priest.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Victor Voucher is a lauded artist who uses magic to craft sculptures that seem as real as a living person. In truth he kills and rends at the body before turning it to stone. His greatest work is a statue made to looks like the missing harpist Luna Del Tuatin, his fiance. The sculpture resembles a cross between a woman and a harp, Voucher named the piece, the Eternal Player.

Mental Trauma

"The Artist" is and insane and dangerous serial killer and cult leader. His goal is to destroy the world to recreate it into something beautiful.

102 lbs

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