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The Talking Corpse

(a.k.a. The Talking Corpse)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Talking Corpse is a well preserved corpse of a human male. While dressed simply in a standard peasants trousers and shirt the body is emaciated but seemingly whole.

Special abilities

The spirit that haunts his own corpse has the necromantic abilities of many ghosts. Able to move objects as a poltergeist he uses this ability to move his body to act as if he is alive. He can also create an aura of dread that drives anyone nearby to terror and his touch can drain the life of any living being.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

None can remember who he was before he died and that is one of the few things he is quite silent on. But many know of the spirit who haunts his own body known as The Talking Corpse. The spirit has lasted for some time due to a strong sense of self. While he possesses his own body he has only limited control and refuses to leave his cadaver. Instead he works with the living as a consultant and in return they do odd jobs like clean his room or pay his rent.


The Talking Corpse claims to have trained in the most prestigious bardic colleges but never does name the same one twice and a few times he mentions Colleges that seemingly do not exist.


The Talking Corpse worked with town guards, inquisitives, and even supposedly royalty.

Mental Trauma

The Talking Corpse greatly fears being banished and thus distrusts all priests. He will not allow obvious holy-men or paladins near him. He has also worked with witches to deconsecrate his room and gird his body against magic.

Intellectual Characteristics

The Talking Corpse is a brilliant tactician and inquisitive. While he cannot observe himself when given information he can extrapolate details people often do not consider.

Morality & Philosophy

He is extremely arrogant and takes great pleasure in baffling those around him with his knowledge. When not intellectually stimulated, he gets depressed.Cold and distant, he does not seem to truly care for people beyond wanting to help them.


The Corpse pays a lot of attention to personal cleanliness and makes sure he is kept clean and dry.

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