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The Rise of the Revenants


When an dark cult begins to kidnap travelers and those who would not be missed they set into motion events that could forever change the face of the world.

Plot points/Scenes

  • The victims awaken
  • Stretching ghostly legs
  • The hunt for a body
  • The Axe gang
  • Looking for answers
  • The Artists Tower


Corruption and Consequences



A dark cult is kidnapping and experimenting on innocents and adventurers alike. A few victims of the cult find themselves outside their body but able to possess other. Now they must learn to control their newfound power while hunting down their own bodies before the cult finishes its evil plans.


The evil cult is taking the bodies of people with no soul to bring Infernal creatures from the Chaotic Hells of the First World into our world. Some who have had their bodies stolen are able to fight back as revenants but others are abusing their newfound powers. All the while the Order of Marrin hunts down the undead and revenants banishing all no matter how good their intentions.

Rising Action

After learning to control their new bodies and new powers the heroes find the kidnappers, the Axe Gang, a seemingly small band of bandits who now wield arcane tools that seemingly strip the souls out of a body. Fighting through the gang they learn the magic is far beyond what a simple band of brigands can do and must find answers from the leader of the Axe Gang as where the bodies are being taken.


After dismantling the Axe Gang and learning they are servants of a larger cult the heroes learn of the lead cultist, the Artist and the heroes begin their fight through cultists and dark magics to confront the mastermind of their woes. Along with the cult grim servants of the God of Death confront the heroes labeling them as monsters. They manage to flee before reinforcements arrive but the Order of Merrin now are aware of new Revenants and will hunt the heroes no matter their circumstances.

Falling Action

Finally reaching the tower where bodies have been smuggled the heroes fight their way to the top to find the Artist in his studio. It is revealed the Artist had no plans for them at all, their becoming revenants was all a side affect of the greater plans of the cult. The Artist flees but not before setting his magical constructs upon the heroes.


The heroes have failed to return their bodies but they still have a lead, as the Artist fled through a magic portal to a sea side port various banners could be seen. The lands around them are small but perhaps in a larger city they could find location the cultist fled to.



The heroes have become Revenants, spirits that can only survive by possessing the bodies of others. Their own bodies are still out there somewhere but to find them they will have to possess others and use their skills to stop an evil cult.


The protagonists are afflicted with the same curse of the Revenant as many others. The only difference between them is that they did not die rather their bodies were kidnapped. Should a body that is being possessed fall the Revenant can attempt to possess another before they are banished from the realm of the living.


The Cult is using it's dark magics to hide Infernal creatures in the bodies of those who have had their souls forcibly removed. Should the Cult succeed the Infernal creatures will infiltrate our world and aid in bringing their dark master into the world.

Moral Quandaries

The Revenants have no bodies themselves and must use the bodies of others to solve their problems. Can they justify taking over another person even if they are bad? Is it worth it to kill off a body to possess another stronger body?



Other afflicted revenants


Natural revenants


The Order of Marrin

Plot type
Chapter One of the Revenant's Road

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