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The Discovery of Forbuho


  After having lost his family to a shipwreck Rand Windsinger sought a safer method to travel over sea. He commissioned a ship to test out his invention an arcane sail that would allow travel in areas of little to no wind. Traveling from Scarlett to Azure the ship managed to make it halfway to their destination before a sudden storm appeared. Unprepared for the storm the arcane sail was torn along side the rest of the ship becoming badly damaged rendering it adrift at sea and far off course. The crew believed the storm have been sent by the God Osbus for daring to challenge the God's domain over the winds and Rand was almost sacrificed to the sea before the crows nest declared land.  
I had thought myself dead, I could fight back against the crew but eventually I had to sleep and if I managed to slay them all I would still be adrift at sea. The captain was turning a blind eye to my plight as stepping in would turn the crew to mutiny but in the end I was saved not the any officer rather by the lookout. After he yelled land the crew's anger turned to relief and the Captain ordered everyone back to their positions. -Rand Windsinger, The Discovery of Forbuho
  The navigator could not find any record of the island and the captain looked upon the wonder of the island declaring it Hibuho, gnomish for hidden beauty. The island itself almost crackled with magic, the crew gazed in awe as the mountain near the center of the island seemed to Flicker in and out of existance depending on where one stepped. Over night the trees moved and seemingly regrew after the crew cut some down for wood and shelter. Even the flora seemingly were imbued with magic as strange and unusual plants never before seen grew to great sizes and shapes.  
While upon the island fruits and vegetables were plentiful though as a scholar it was my duty to confirm if anything was poisonous. There were a few Dire Boars but the Captain and first mate easily dispatched the beasts leaving us with plenty of food. We thought to have found a paradise, little did we know how wrong we were. -Rand Windsinger, The Discovery of Forbuho
  The captain took several of his best men to explore the island while Rand and others gathered wood and food nearby. While assessing what plants could and could not be eaten Rand and a few of the crew were attacked by skeletons. While the crew was easily able to fight them off Rand became cautious as the undead often came from necromancers. When the captain did not return after the first night the crew were too busy repairing the ship to worry much and believed that their captain would prevail. Though after the third night the captain had yet to return the crew eventually became anxious, some started to gather another party to retrieve the captain till Rand stopped them. Rand showed how the island was far more dangerous than it seemed. Travel became dangerous the further inland one went, each crewman gave different accounts of time and distance depending on how deep into the island they went. The number of dire beasts were far greater than normal and even the birds around the island seemed larger and more feral. And the strange flora included dangerous carnivorous plants that Rand had pointed out several times before. But even with his warning Rand would have been ignored were it not for an attack from a titan long thought extinct. The huge beast rampaged through the crew and would have done more damage had Rand not rallied some of the crew and helped fell the beast with his magics. The crew attempted to stay longer waiting for their captain but as more titans attacked the risk in staying grew to be too much. As they left Rand named the island Forbuho, gnomish for beauty hidden with danger. Resupplied the ship finished the voyage but upon his return Rand immediately began planning his first real expedition back to the island.  
As we left my heart grew heavy for if the captain had survived our leaving would surely mean his death. But even with my magic the number of attacks from titans and undead were growing by the day and too many crew were injured. As we left I made the passing comment that the island itself is not a hidden beauty as the captain had declared but a beauty hidden with danger. The crew now call the island Forbuho, and though I am not a sailor the crew looks to me for orders as no other has stood up to be the leader. -Rand Windsinger, The Discovery of Forbuho


Originally made as a journal to record the days and experiments of Rand Windsinger the expedition to test the arcane sail was remade into the Discovery of Forbuho by relatives of Rand.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The Discovery of Forbuho has been printed and reprinted across the world as the story itself was used by both the Kingdom of Scarlett and the Republic of Azure to claim ownership of the island and as propaganda to promote Rand as a national hero.

Historical Details


As Rand invested heavily into each expedition and came back better prepared he was slowly able to return with greater wealth then ever before. Rand's formerly distant relatives became overjoyed as the heir to the family once ostracized for his career now returned with wealth and glory. While Rand attempted to keep this island a secret word spread among both Scarlett and Azure. After returning from his first expedition he would be hailed as the Great Sage and courted by both countries as each had declared ownership the island. While away on his second expedition his family took copies of his journal and assembled a book that became the Discovery of Forbuho which cemented his place in history for ages and inspired a new age of exploration among many.   Rand's arcane sail was unable to work with regular ships but airships managed to use the material to better control their flight. Becoming the Great Sage allowed Rand much more freedom and resources to experiment and explore the world. And while he never considered himself fit for the title of Sage his continuing achievements and adventures became legends long after he seemingly vanished.  

While the Great Sage had long since secluded himself from the public eye his assistants and patrons kept the world aware of his achievements. From finding the lost tribe of the goblins to developing the treatise on how magic affects animal husbandry to create atavistic dire breeds Rand Windsinger was considered an expert in exploration and arcana. Alas his last expedition was self funded so we have no clue as to where he went or what befell him. A few believe he returned to Forbuho one last time to finally climb the Flickering Mountain while others believe he traveled to Sadin'Zurah to find the remains of the Green Horde. Regardless no one had heard from him and even with the higher magics one can only extend their life so long without turning to darker magics. So it is with a heavy heart that I must proclaim that the Great Sage is surely dead though his memory will continue to inspire all within the Azure Republic. -Abarat Farbella, the Last Journey of the Great Sage
  Rich with resources and danger a new boom of explorers and adventurers flocked to risk their lives in the enchanted island. As the two nations fought over the island for well over a hundred years mercenaries came from around the would to fight as proxies in this war with the riches of the island fueling a the endless battle it seems like Scarlett would end up triumphant were it not for the appearance of drow. Claiming to be the original inhabitants the dark elves seemly appeared from nowhere to reclaim their homeland becoming a spoiler to the fight. Now with the third army ready to strike the war became one of deadly balance. If one nation seemingly appeared to have a greater advantage the other two would work to undermine their victories. To this day the island is locked in battle as the three nations fight for the island.

Journal, Personal

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