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The Demiurge

As the First World was destroyed only the ArchFey survived as even Gods fell to the chaos that became the Chaotic Hells of the First World. But from this chaos and the divine spark of the dead Gods came the three Hollowed, evil manifestations similar to the Gods but tainted by the destruction of the plane.

Divine Domains

Law, Evil, Darkness

Tenets of Faith

Within the crucible of conflict the strong shall arise to lead the weak.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Conquer the Planes, Rule over the Gods and Hallowed, Destroy those who would deny the Demiurge

Mental characteristics

Personal history

From the chaos that was the death and rebirth of first world came the Hollowed that would be the Demiurge. It saw the chaos around it an accepted it, doing so the the chaos was brought to order and the Demiurge created his domain. For a time the Demiurge attempted to create as he had felt he once had done so in another life and from his effort came the first devil. The Demiurge crafted a world for the devil but the creature was barely consider life and the Demiurge snuffed out the devils existence and began to reach out and explore the First World.   The first being the Demiurge met was a demon which intrigued and infuriated the Demiurge. The Hallowed diety destroyed the demons and all the others that came swarming against the Archdevil until he fought with their creator Deus. It was then the Demiurge finally felt true pain as the two Hallowed fought and both fled. Again the Demiurge attempted to create and from his experience and inspiration came more elaborate devils. He crafted his world around the devils and for a time he was content. Until a devil rejected his creator and struck at hallowed to conquer and rule. In a rage the Demiurge destroyed all of his creations and all he had built.   Wishing to find inspiration the Demiurge searched until it found a place between realms from which the Demiurge could cast his sight into. There for the first time the Demiurge saw the Second World and wept at the beauty and power that had been built. Try as he might the Demiurge could not cross over so he resolved to search for the one who hurt him and convince the other Hallowed to assist in reaching the Second World.   Again the Demiurge searched the Hells until he found Aeon who had been attempting to build just as the Demiurge had. Rather then fight the Demiurge manipulated the Aeon in building tools of destruction so Aeon would fight Deus and the one of the Hallowed would kill the other leaving the Demiurge a weakened foe to rule over all. But Demiurge had seen the the Second World and he showed the plane to the Aeon. While Aeon hated the plane more than anything together the Demiurge managed to coerce both Aeon and Deus to leave the First World and enter the Second. Though the Demiurge knew each had a different goal all three wished to enter the Second world.   It was between the worlds in the void that the God's confronted the Hollowed. The Demiurge attempted to lie to the Gods but the deities did not believe the Hollowed and the God's agreed that the Hollowed were were to be destroyed. Outnumbered and overpowered the Demiurge fled leaving Deus and Aeon while he scattered devils to the void in hopes he would escape and his minions could infiltrate the Second world. The Hollowed fled to the First world with the Gods in pursuit, the Hollowed were just to have been destroyed out were it not for Hell itself reaching out to touch the Gods. One of the Gods was nearly consumed by the darkness of the First world and the God's took flight quickly to escape. The two sides could do nothing the God's would not enter First world but the Hollowed could not leave.   The Demiurge returned to whisper to the Aeon but it had learned it's lesson and rebuked the Hallowed. And so the Demiurge began to build. Seeing the complexity of the Second World he crafted a world from which devils could be made and tested. He found the darkness in men's hearts and from it he created the first circle of the Many Layered Abyss, the Festering Pit. And outward he built until he had crafted a realm of power and conflict that would test the resolve and prowess of all his devils until only the best arose to face their creator.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Archdevil, Liar King, andMaster of the Inferno
Circumstances of Birth
The Destruction of the First World

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