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Ternion the Blade

Ternion Redson (a.k.a. The Blade)

Leader of the Grey Court on Forbuho he is a strict monarchist and would destroy the island if it would guarantee the safety of his homeland. He is wary of the Witch but knows she is too powerful to confront.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a large noble family when Ternion was nine he was given to the Grey Court in hopes it would attract a Grey Cloak to his father's court. The Grey Oracle foresaw Ternion would help direct the path of the nation and directed Ternion's training and education to focus on the Kingdom of Scarlett and it's protection. It was in these teaching Ternion grew to love an appreciate his homeland seeing the best of humanity and Orcs as they transformed a small mountain Kingdom to a great nation and eventually a grand empire.   Adept at scholarly pursuits and found to excel and martial fighting he was selected to educate and train the Prince of Scarlett. He was given the title of the Blade for his prowess after saving the prince from an assassination attempt by the Church of Man. With the prediction of the Oracle and his skill Ternion was given more responsibilities and rank within the order. This all helped to choose Ternion to replace the last leader of the Grey Court in Forbuho after the previous Master Grey Cloak had died in the unforgiving jungles.   It has been several years in Forbuho but Ternion is sure the cause is just and is working to find the foretold relic that threatens Scarlett. While he is in control of the Order of Spring on Forbuho and seen as the leader of the Grey Cloaks the other two orders fill him with doubt.


Educated in one of the Grey Court temples Ternion was trained to read and write several languages as well as matter of diplomacy, political intrigue, and several forms of martial weapons with a focus on the sword.


Ternion was selected train him the young Prince Jager Crimson the Sixth in the basics of reading and writing. When the prince was to receive more specialized education Ternion was sent to Forbuho to lead the Order of Spring after the previous leader vanished in the jungle.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ternion saved the Crown Prince Jager from assassins and has managed the public face of the Grey Court in Forbuho.

Morality & Philosophy

A strict monarchist Ternion has heard of the various Grey Cloaks believe the Grey Court better suited to rule Scarlett and considers them as bad as the Church of Man. He believes the Grey Court is to make the world a better place as there is far too much darkness and evil in the world.


Contacts & Relations

He is wary of Beatrix the Witch but knows she is too powerful to confront outright. Ternion is frustrated with Donovan Kewai but needs him to keep Beatrix in check.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Formerly twelveth in line for the fiefdom of Urgos he forsook all claims upon the end of his apprenticeship in the Grey Court.
Urgos, a small fief within the Kingdom of Scarlett
Aligned Organization
The Grey Court
Other Affiliations

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