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Mortal born Fey

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

The average length of Sidhe gestation is four hundred days. From birth a juvenile Sidhe will take almost fifteen years till they become adolescent and another ten years till they have reached adulthood. From adulthood a Sidhe will live on upwards of four hundred years before their magic begins to fail and they die.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The entire species is subservient to the ArchFey. While they have free will their entire society has been built around serving their immortal masters as if they were Gods. Within their own society rank is established by the degrees of separation between the ArchFey and those that serve, thus a personal servant of one of the ArchFey is held in high reguard and obeyed as if they were themselves the voice of their masters. This system of tiers is recognized and reinforced by the the ArchFey allowing the Sidhe to micromanage their own people.

Facial characteristics

Their fine hair is often silver, gold, or ruby. Their ears are long and pointed and their eyes are pearly and opalescent orbs lacking pupils. Sidhe possess an unearthly beauty that appeals to most mortals.

Average Intelligence

Sidhe have an above average intelligence with innate abilities to learn quickly. When it comes to magic Sidhe have an innate talent while martial prowess takes a considerable amount of time as their ability to see magic often interferes with all but the most dedicated Sidhe.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They possess Darkvision, the ability to see in the dark as well as some senses allowing them to see magic.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Sidhe Organizations are focused on their professions and duties to their ArchFey masters the largest being the Squires and Valets. As plans to return to the second world have begun there have been Sidhe who were volunteered by their masters to begin training in the art of war and subterfuge and the Sidhe Army rapidly becoming the largest organization though each ArchFey as has one or more divisions they have been having battles where Sidhe kill each other to better practice.

Common Taboos

The Sidhe serve the ArchFey and must submit to the whims of all ArchFey though they should always prioritize the Fey lord who owns them. The Sidhe are told with who and when to breed and are forbidden from any other union especially with a different mortal race.


Born between the union of the ArchFey and humanity the Sidhe were considered the bastard children of the ArchFey. But when Sidhe and humanity bred to create the elven race and the birth of other non-magical species began to rise in numbers the Breed War began. While most of the Mortal races sided with humanity the majority of the Sidhe allied with the ArchFey. When the Cambion and Dragonbreed rebelled the ArchFey forces were decimated and many Sidhe died. Finally the ArchFey resolved to flee the plane and take their most loyal subjects with them. The Sidhe who still followed the ArchFey were taken while the Elves were left to watch over the world until their return, the ArchFey's last act in uplifting the loyal elves into Drow. For ages since the Sidhe have served the ArchFey but now plans to return have begun and the Sidhe are to be the precursors of the next invasion of the second world.

Common Myths and Legends

Most of their kind believe that after a life of servitude to their ArchFey masters their souls will ascend to join their Fey lords and they will become a part of the ArchFey. While the ArchFey do not believe this they have come to support the belief in order to keep their Sidhe docile and subservient. While the other mortal races have become vilified to the point were they are on par wit the Devils and the Gods who created the ArchFey but grew jealous and attempted to destroy their creations.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Sidhe are totally subservient to the ArchFey and hold themselves above all other races. While most Sidhe have not seen another mortal in ages they are raised to hate the other races from early childhood.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Conservation Status
The Sidhe have been all but wiped out on all of the planes of existence save for the Faerie plane.There the Sidhe are kept as servants and bred like animals or slaves.
Average Height
Average Weight
125 lbs
Average Physique
The Sidhe are slender with even the strongest looking athletic instead of muscular.

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