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Scarecrow Mercenaries


The Scarecrow Mercenaries are led by Captain Bolger Raymond one of the earliest members though he was just a child at the time of joining. His second in command is Lieutenant Ni'Dos Zwei followed by the Sargent A. B. "Duke" Graham. Below the three are lieutenants in charge of squads.

Public Agenda

The Scarecrows will work pay and morals.


The Scarecrow Mercenaries own enough sets of arms and armor to outfit their company almost twice over.


Originally started out as the town militia for a border town their numbers were so few that they put up scarecrows and took street urchins to pad their numbers. Nicknamed the Scarecrows for their use of dummies and their overall effectiveness when the remote town was in danger it was the local adventurers who had kept the town safe from larger threats. As the town grew so too did the militia in time for an swarm of undead to sweep over the town. While defending the town the militia protected the populace as it withdrew into the town fort with only a few casualties. While they guarded the frightened citizens a band of heroes maneuvered around to fight the necromancer and save the day though not the town.   With the town destroyed the Scarecrows had lost their jobs and needed a new goal. The remaining militia now battle hardened took to mercenary work to make their wages. As they they grew in experience the Scarecrow Mercenaries began to make a name for themselves.

Fear To Our Enemies

Military, Mercenary Group
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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