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Saint Rose

Saint Rosa Egwain

It is unknown as to if the Saint Rose is a Goddess herself but many among her followers have the divine powers that many other Gods grant their flocks.

Divine Domains

Good, Community, Protection

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A rose with a different color depending on the order within the Knights.   White Rose: The Holy Order of Saint Rose Red Rose: Questors Order of Saint Rose

Tenets of Faith

Do Good

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Saint Rose born Rosa Egwain was born the daughter of Lord Draco a Knight of the realm, and Lady Karina. She had no other known relatives. Rosa never knew her father, because Lord Draco was killed while protecting a pass from invaders that would have flanked his fellow Knights. A close friend of the family Lord Baxter took Rosa and her mother under his wing.   Rosa was raised a noble of the court during her life but upon reaching her maidenhood she had lived her life cloistered among good intentioned people. Her first brush with evil was with a highway robber attacking her coach and stealing her jewelry. It was not long before the thief was brought before her again by her Justicar that she showed mercy towards the man and offered the jewelry as a gift, touched by the good in her the thief recanted his ways and swore his undying fealty towards Rosa.   It was soon thereafter she gained the moniker of saint as she traveled across to do good. She would have continued to show mercy were it not for the necromancer Baal who overthrew the king and instituted a corrupt government of the undead. Taking the name Saint Rose to inspire courage in allies and fear in her enemies she joined a band of soldiers to fight Baal. Learning the ways of battle and gaining prowess quickly she rose among the soldiers as an equal until she comes to lead. In a costly but just war she rode the rebellion to slay Baal personally at the cost of her sword arm.   The grateful populace wished to give the Saint Rose the kingdom but she turned it down saying only that she was needed elsewhere. As she left the kingdom word spread of a woman who performed good deeds across the lands until disappearing. The soldiers she fought and those whose lives she touched continued to do good until the man who would become the first Knight of the Saint Rose received the first blessing. From that point the faith was established exalting the Saint Rose and her works and receiving divine blessings.

Divine Classification
Knights of Saint Rose

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