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Roland Croc

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Roland is in good condition though the numerous scars over his body are starting to slow him down.

Body Features

Roland has dark skin that looks sickly green in the light of day but can pass for fully human flesh by fire light. His black hair is braided in small tight dreadlocks that is starting to show gray.

Facial Features

Roland's face is a mixture of bulbous orcish and angular human ancestry with stubs of tusks that have long since been snapped off.

Apparel & Accessories

Roland wears full plate armor and wields a long sword and shield.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born of an Orcish raid with his father leaving his mother have dead before leaving the ruins of what was a small village. Taken to a church of the Saint Rose where she survived until she died in childbirth. Roland was raised in the church orphanage where he was the only half-orc among the people of the hamlet. Even at a young age Roland was shunned for his looks and fierceness and the only one who ever treated him well was an aged Questor of Saint Rose. Sullen and ostracized Roland believed himself to not be human as none of the townsfolk believed. He was called horrible things: Orc, Murderer, Child Eater, and more. As he grew into adolescence he took the first chance he could to flee to find his father or his other people.   Roland found a tribe of Orc though none claimed him as a son. He was accepted into the tribe after being beaten to test his strength. Given scraps to eat and treated worse than he was among the humans. He was called Human, weakling, prey, and more. The tribe would not allow him to participate in their hunts and relegated him to the women's work. There the women would work him to exhaustion with pointless labors till Roland collapsed and then they beat him. Roland took this all in stride in hopes of earning acceptance but nothing came. Finally one day he begged the village head to let him prove himself, the head laughed and told Roland that even if he truly was from one of his raids he was no better than the dead he left behind. It was then Roland knew the village head was his father and had always known, as the Orcs rode out on the dire wolves Roland chased after them but could not catch up. That night the Orcs failed to return, the tribe grew restless but they waited for their men to bring back but by nightfall the riders who appeared where not men but Knights. Thew slew everyone in the came except Roland, their leader stopping them from slaying the young man at the last moment. When the Knight took off his helmut he recognized the Questor of Saint Rose who had raised him. The old man told Roland that he can die an orc or live a man. Roland said he was neither and both and the Questor spared him. Roland took what spoils the Knights had left and went out in search of himself.


Roland was trained at an orphanage and by the hand of a Questor of Saint Rose. For a time he lived and trained with a band of Orcs but did not learn much of their ways.


Roland is a Paladin of the Forgotten. He follows lost causes and those who have been abandoned. Roland does not prescribe to any faith to a god but his devotion to his oath and his cause has granted him divine powers.

Mental Trauma

After being abused for not being human or orc enough Roland keeps his full body armor on and helmet unless he knows he is unseen.

Morality & Philosophy

Roland believes the world to be wicked but hope can be fostered in those who are good. For this reason Roland will fight for those who have no where else to turn. Often mistaken for a Knight of the Saint Rose Roland tolerates their presence more then most.

Personality Characteristics


To help those who cannot help themselves

Wealth & Financial state

Roland does not ask for rewards but he will take spoils from fallen foes. He still is often poorer than most as he will give what coins he has to orphans, victims, and those who need it more.

Lawful Good
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Mans Tongue, Orcish, Hafling

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