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Basic Information


Revenants appear as spirits in the shape of their former selves though such souls are always marked in some way.

Biological Traits

A Revenants can possess another humanoid mortal suppressing their soul. While it is possible for the body to fight off such possession it requires strong will and strong emotions to do so.   Revenants are all weak to sunlight while they do not possess a body and enough exposure to either sunlight or holy magic can destroy them permanently.

Genetics and Reproduction

Revenants are souls of the dead who cling to life from personal resolve or fell magics. When someone dies in a rage or with enough unfinished business if their spirit is strong enough they will become a revenant otherwise they will likely become a ghost. There are also rituals used to remove the spirit from the body in such a way that the spirit becomes a Revenant.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Revenants will sometimes band together for protection but most keep to themselves to avoid being noticed.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Revenants have darkvision and a life sense. This life sense can detect up to small sized creatures through their souls.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Specters are malicious spirits brought back to life with the desire to inflict pain and suffering. While they are not commonly organized they have been labeled as such by Revenants and those aware of Revenants.

Revenants are undead and will persist till destruction

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