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Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Orcs banded together under the banner of the Sluagh Tribe to wipe out the other races. In turn Humanity, Dwarves, and Elves joined together and nearly wiped out all of the Sluagh.

Basic Information


Pure blooded orcs have a pale green skin with broad and muscular bodies. Orc hair is coarse and ranges in color from copper to onyx in until it grows white with age. The sluagh have managed to produce a wider variety of appearances with more tanned browns and deep green hues along with the average appearances.

Genetics and Reproduction

While breeding with humans created half-orcs, interbreeding with hobgoblins their decedents in turn able to breed with all other goblinoid races. As the Green Horde bred within its limited numbers eventually only the sluagh remained as pure blooded orcs and goblinoids grew too few in number. Today the sluagh have begun to grown large enough that their clans must either build more of an infrastructure or risk the clans splitting due to size. The nomads on the other hand have almost gone extinct with their numbers barely growing due to their habits of keeping their families small. To prevent this many families have begun to gather together in hopes their children will be compatible.

Growth Rate & Stages

An orc infant will mature mature quickly and within a year of their birth can walk and eat solid foods. Even quicker the adolescent will reach adulthood within as little as ten to fifteen years depending on their ethnicity with the gob-sluagh growing the fastest if also the smallest and the bug-sluagh taking the longest but growing the largest.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While all orcs are omnivores the species as a whole prefers meat when possible. Nomads mostly live off hunting and gathering using nearby sources of water when possible. Sluagh have managed to develop a learner lifestyle living off fungi and what creatures they can hunt underground.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Orcish vision is sharper than a humans with the ability to see in little to no light but they still need at least moonlight or an equivalent to see. Some sluagh have developed a sharper sense of smell thanks to their ancestors interbreeding with hobgoblins while the remaining have no other enhanced senses.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Sluagh took the remains of the Green Horde and split among the various groups that attempted to find a new reason from the remains of their world. Three leaders arose and took their followers in different directions to become the three major clans of the Sluagh:   The general Musubi chose to rebuild in isolation. Her followers believed the self is absolute, and every living being should strive to be as independent and separate from all other beings as possible. While they worked together to build, hunt, and raise their young each would do as much as they could before reaching out to others, self-sufficiency was seen as a virtue but relying on others was not seen as a sin. Only failure was was seen as a crime for if one over estimated their ability or had too much pride to accept aid were they seen as lesser.   The priest Yosuga remade his followers on elitism and survival of the fittest. Only those who are strong may rule, and power is acknowledged as the only thing of value. But Yosuga did not just mean strength of muscle as different tasks required different skills and those who were strong of body could be brought low in other ways. To this end the Yosuga clan became more of a meritocracy as the tribe balanced strength of body with strength of mind and spirit.

Courtship Ideals

While orcs took whomever they wanted during the era of the Green Horde the practice has long since become a taboo among both Sluagh and Nomads


While humanity was crafted by the cominbed efforts of all gods the orcish race was the efforts of Oserry, Huslios, and Tekego in an effort to create a perfect fighting species. Alongside the goblinoid races the green horde arose to challenge humanity and the other mortal races and were it not for the mortal races joining together the horde would have been victorious. Instead the horde and almost all orcs were driven underground while the remaining few lived in the most remote locations possible.   Those that were driven underground became the Sluagh as orcs, hobgoblins, and goblins interbred while those that remained above ground but hidden remained orcs but lost much to become nomads roaming endlessly. Today orcs are only known by their ability to pass on their traits to their decedents as most half-orcs will breed more half-orcs no matter how many humans they may breed with.

Genetic Descendants
50 years
Conservation Status
Nomad orcs are small in number to the point pure blooded orcs are in endanger of extinction. While the nomadic tribes have begun to gather in hopes of fending this off this has also endangered the species with reprisal from humans and other mortals fearful of another Green Horde.
Average Height
Average Weight
220 lbs

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