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Huslios the Forges Fire

Huslios loves war and is said to be a part of every fire that crafts a weapon. Many of his follower are intelligent craftsmen of siege weapons or rich arms dealers. His followers say the secret of bronze weapons were given Huslios to man to shed more weapons. Of course his Dwarven followers say Huslios gave them the secret of iron.  


To enact the will of Huslios, the God of Weapons crafted the finest Angels he could in his own divine flames. Inspired by the craft and dedication of the Dwarves he shaped his angels in their image. Not wanting to just arm his Angels with one weapon he gave his divine agents four extra limbs each tipped with a different weapon. Unable to stop at just six possible weapons he placed needle like daggers in the Angels mouth.

Divine Domains

Artifice Domain

Tenets of Faith

You are the tool from which Huslio has crafted and wields. You are the hammer that strikes the anvil to craft the sword and you are the same hammer that strikes the skull of the enemy.

Divine Classification

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