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When the Gods destroyed the first world only a few creatures were able to survive and escape to become the Fey. But that does not mean the ruins of the first world could not sustain life. From the magic and divine spark of the dead Gods arose the three: The Demiurge, The Aeon, and Deus.   The Demiurge was the only one to look upon the Second World and seek out order. To carve such order out of the chaos that was the first World created the minions in the form of devils. Devils are shadows of the Second World, similar to many of the races in Sadin'Shaw but twisted by the Demiurge's desire.

Basic Information


Devils resemble other species but are often off in some way. Zebuba are the most common of Devils that were created in the form of humans, instead of hair the tops of their heads bristle with terrible spines and two horns jut out of their brow. Their skin is human-like in color, though often extending past normal human colors into purple or redish hues as well.

Genetics and Reproduction

Devils can reproduce in many methods the most common being crafted from the raw magic of the first world by the Demiurge. Another widely used method is the corruption of a soul, when devils make deals with a mortal for one reason of another that mortal has their soul twisted by the fel magics of the first world so that once they die their souls are pulled into the first world to be crafted into powerful devils.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Devils have the corrupted divine spark that sustains them, while many kinds of devils can eat and take pleasure from foods their palette is closer to a scavenger and most foods must be rotten or tainted in some way before it becomes enjoyable.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Devils exist in a strict hierarchy, united under their creator the Demiurge. Devils that are created from the souls of the damned have their individuality and identity stripped away countless torment until they are reduced to mindless piles of flesh. Devils can be transformed into different castes by proving themselves to their infernal masters.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Along side the basic senses and the ability to see in darkness many Devils have the ability to sense the darkness in the hearts of others.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Devils created the language of Abyssal as an altered form of Celestial the language of angels and other heavenly beings. They are able to pick up other languages quickly.

Genetic Descendants

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