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Cassidy Starfall

Cassidy Starfall (a.k.a. Chaos)

Physical Description

Body Features

With closely cropped brown hair that reaches just to his ears which are slightly pointed his mixed heritage gives him an androgynous look that can easily pass as a masculine female if he applies the right stance or expression. He will often use this ability to target his client's perceived interest and favor either the masculine or feminine depending on their taste.

Facial Features

Cassidy has elf like features but is not easily recognizable for being half-elf and is often mistaken for fully human.

Physical quirks

Cassidy will often stare at his sister and smirk depending on if he believe he is not being watched.

Apparel & Accessories

Cassidy will wear all manner of clothing depending on what he is selling and to who he is selling to. Comfortable wearing dresses or pants he borrows accessories but only uses them to make himself look richer and more feminine when he wants to. When not selling Cassidy takes to wearing average cloths that allow for freedom of movement and are comfortable for extended travel.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

From the Azure Republic Cassidy was heir to one of the more historic families of the Republic. Within his family he had both the best and worst with one of the founders of the Azure Republic and one of their greatest villains. It was Cassidy's father who flourished in politics and impressed upon his twin children thinking they would be the next representatives of the Scholar or Trademen parties. Rather they took after their uncle and became merchants selling flowers for fun only to create the Game of Flowers changing the political face of the Republic. By the time the twins had become adults rather than join the Senate they left their business and the city join the Bluewheel Company.


Cassidy was tutored by some of the best scholars money could by, his training in diplomacy and managing an estate laying the groundwork for his impressive business career.


Cassidy was co-owner of the Starfall Florists until he gave the company to his cousin. Today he is co-head of sales for the Bluewheel Company alongside his sister.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Founder and co-owner of the Starfall Florists.
Creator of the the Game of Flowers

Mental Trauma

Cassidy is obsessed with his sister Fleur and will do anything to protect her.

Intellectual Characteristics

Cassidy is obsessed, charming, charismatic, cunning, and adaptive.

Morality & Philosophy

Cassidy only case for himself and his twin sister. While he will go out of his way to assist and help his sister should he ever have to choose between his sister's health and her happiness he will choose to save her even if she would hate him.


Cassidy will not let anyone get closer to his sister than himself.

Personality Characteristics


Help his sister and himself as well as earn enough gold to support himself and his sister.

Likes & Dislikes

Cassidy likes his sister, gold, gullible people, and flowers. Cassidy hates overly friendly clients, perceptive people, and people who try to woo his sister.

Virtues & Personality perks

Cassidy is patient, cunning, and creative. He is naturally androgynous and can pass for a masculine female.

Vices & Personality flaws

Cassidy obsesses over his sister and is too protective of her. Cassidy also can be needlessly cruel if his sister is not around.


Cassidy likes to keep herself clean as he believes cleanliness is a sign of conformity and good salesmanship. He will only wear perfumes or colones if the job requires it otherwise he will keep himself clean but unscented.


Family Ties

Cassidy is the twin brother to Fleur. Originally from the Azure Republic he has blood ties to a famous political family as well as an infamous elf supremacist. While he gets along with the younger generation of elf and humans in his family the older elves are cold and distant.

Social Aptitude

Cassidy while apathetic to the world beyond his sister is incredibly good at faking appreciation and understanding of other peoples emotions as he imagines the individual as his sister. Easily charismatic Cassidy is a consummate liar and actor.

Wealth & Financial state

Cassidy has gathered a large amount of wealth in what little time he has lived but spends it freely on his sister's whims. Cassidy also spends his gold on enchanted gear for both himself and his sister to insure their protection.

Chaotic Evil
Half Elf
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Heir to the Starfall Estates (Contested)
The Azure Republic
Biological Sex
144 lbs
Aligned Organization
Bluewheel Company

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