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Bolger Raymond

Bolger Raymond

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Captain Raymond has several prominent scars across his face and neck from close brushes with death. He has a patchwork of scars beneath his armor from his years fighting.

Physical quirks


Mental characteristics

Personal history

While other street kids start out their lives as orphans Bolger was both lucky and unlucky enough to begin in a loving but poor home. Never knowing his father Bolger and his mother tried to make their way in life till her untimely death. Bolger did not make friends with the other street children and as the young boy became desperate he joined the town militia. The militia's numbers were so few that they put up dummies and took a street urchin like Bolger to pad their numbers. The militia became known as the Scarecrows as both were about the same in effectiveness. When the border town was in real danger it was not the scarecrows but adventurers who had kept the town safe. Several times young Bolger tried to join a band of adventurers and each time he was promptly rejected.   As the town grew so too did the militia and Bolger now a young man had risen only if in seniority if not experience. That experience was put to a test when an army of zombies swept across the land. Bolger and the Scarecrows defend the people of the town while they fled to the town fort. While they guarded the forta band of adventurers fought the necromancer managing to save the day though the town.   With the town destroyed by the army of dead Bolger had lost his job. The remaining militia now had experience and along with Bolger began working as mercenaries for hire. As he grew Bolger and the Scarecrow Mercenaries began to make a name for themselves. With many of his friends dying on the battlefield, retiring due to injury, or leaving before they could suffer the same fate Bolger became the most experienced and highest ranked Scarecrow at the age of forty-five. In the five years under his control Bolger has made the Scarecrows one of the most proficient and well known mercenary bands today.   Bolger questions weather he should retire but at this point he has lived most of his life as a Scarecrow and does not know any other life.




Bolger has been a scarecrow since the earliest days as a town militia. Having the most experience Bolger rose up the ranks till he became the Captain.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Defended the border town from a zombie horde. Several successful campaigns as mercenaries.

Failures & Embarrassments

Bolger accepted a job for a nobleman who had overstated his claim to a few gold mines. After running the miners out he learned the lord had sold the rights to the mountains to the miners thinking the gold had long since dried up. When Bolger and his crew left they sabotaged the mines so no one would get the gold.

Intellectual Characteristics

Bolger Raymond is calculating, moral, creative, and righteous.

Morality & Philosophy

Captain Raymond wishes to complete his mercenary contracts with as little loss of life as necessary. While he is not afraid to kill he will not needlessly throw away lives if he believes there is a better way.


Bolger will take a day to investigate all potential jobs and clients before accepting any job. Once accepting the job he will follow the word of any contract he and his men take. Bolger tries to keep to the spirit of the contract unless he believes the job to be in the wrong.

Personality Characteristics


Make money, do good, and keep as many people alive as he can.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

After many campaigns Bolger has become an expert on small scale conflicts and has managed to turn the tides in his favor when it seemed the battle was lost.

Likes & Dislikes

Bolger likes strong drinks, strong men, and a good fight. Bolger dislikes lies, the undead, and needless conflict.


Religious Views

Bolger favors Saint Rose though he is not a devout follower as he believes churches can be corrupted.

Social Aptitude

Bolger Raymond is a strong leader who can laugh and joke with his men one second and keep them in line the next.

Wealth & Financial state

Bolger Raymond has invested most of his gold back into the Scarecrows. He manages to keep a hold of enough gold to keep him well off if he stays frugal but he will often dip into this fund to help out another Scarecrow in need or if the person asking for the job needs their services but cannot pay.

Lawful Good
Biological Sex
Black and Gray
200 lbs
Aligned Organization
Scarecrow Mercenaries

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