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Basic Information


Each Angel is unique to their gods need and wish. The most common Angel is the Influencer, first conceived by Osbus he crafted an Angel as a human with the wings of a bird upon their back.

Genetics and Reproduction

Angels are crafted by divine providence for a specific purpose. Should their deity will it they can be reshaped, split, or combined as needed. Should something destroy the form of the Angel the divine spark will return to the deity.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Angels, made from the divine need nothing to sustain their form but may draw from the faith of the deity to empower itself for a time.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Most angels are organized into choirs of varying rank. While formerly an angel could be rewarded with greater position and power as of today these positions are static. Most angels have little to no free will and can only copy the current societal cues of mortals.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All angels have a divine connection to their diety allowing each to be aware of the other and to know what the other is thinking at all times. While an Angel is able to know the will of their God they cannot directly express it. All but the smallest of angels are given senses above and beyond mortal ken.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Beyond the specific choirs of angels that individual gods have organized the one independent set of angels are the nephilim. Cast out from the heavens they have been hunted to near extinction save for a small organized rebellion. Their goals are to undermine the authority of the gods and eventually remove or replace their former masters.


When the God's bound each other against direct action within the world they each took a portion of their power to influence the world indirectly. This portion became the first Angels, beings of divine power that are made to indirectly affect Sadin'Shaw. Each God is allowed a fraction of their power split with as many or as few Angels as they wish. To some like Ora they are many in number able to whisper in the ears of those who lie to others like Guyre they are few with great power but bound to a single location.   Each angel is unique to the god that they serve and takes the form best suited to fulfill their god's demands. Due to the constant challenges and games the gods play against each other angels have varied in form and function though the most popular are winged servants.   At one point it became fashionable for God's to exalt favored mortals into angels. This process made a weaker angel overall but allowed the being more freedom to act as they once had free will. This fell out of popularity after an angelic uprising had to be stopped resulting in the nephilim, fallen angels and mortals who became abholy like Gannon Grayson.


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