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Painting-Studio-Services "Baboo-Table-Painting", Artist Julien Schoch

Example quality mix for bloodletters-regiment-que, 10 infantry models, level 4-5 mix, 45 h (working hours), average 4,5 h per infantry model

Foto created by Paul El-Tawil
As a freelancing Artist: I am offering a miniatur-painting service! I received many questions from players, asking the price-structure. So here it is:   The campaign is based on my own mini-collection. They are painted in very different levels and time afford. So i try to use the old or new Phantasos-Studio Level-System, they defined for like quality of tabletop-painting-standards or low-vitrine-quality (Since I paint for money, i define all my minis, that at least got new Phantasos-Level 1 or old Level 3 as "Pro painted". The term "pro painted" means very little and is very broad!)   At the moment: I am offering for players: 2 Minis free (The 2 heroes (Character / Retainer) and 50% discount on all orders, also this counts for friends and family of players.   Otherwise, if you not playing in my campaign. I will calculate for each order in each level an estimate of costs always as a Hard-Cap. I will take the model in advance, but no payment, before the job is satisfied finished! This means: I will only paint for the estimation. It will never cost more, maybe less. My normal rate is 10,- per hour. So for campaign players 2 free Models and 5,- per Hour! Because they help me very much with testing the rules! I have almost all paints, so the material is included with out the raw minis. I know the time in estimation for all my minis. So i can give an exact level estimation and hour estimation, that is based on that experience. As a painter: I have 20 years experience and know different Techniques and styles as a Miniature-Painting-Artist. Also I learned Model-presentation as a trader in Germany and how to build Model-Landscapes. The basing of models is free of charge and a free service with out special resin-bases, if wished. If the customer wishes special designed resin-bases, this will be a single cost-negotiation painting point. Because there are many really quick and time affordable methods. But also it can take longer as the model for some designed bases.   Here is a comparison to the quality level of Phantasos-Studios:     Eavy Metal style (Box-art Artists like Duncan do) Also i offer for every order a "step by step tutorial" for the customer, to try. Also the customer can watch me paint and i can help try to explain "step by step", what and why i am doing each.   Clone-factory discount on level 3 - 4 is 10%, starts at 40 models!   Level 3 (medium tabletop quality): Base-coat + Shade + 1 - 2 hard layer edge highlights; average 1 h per model infantry in a regiment-que 10,- € per model or less without discounts, Or new not pre-shade contrast painting style   Level 4 (high / fine tabletop quality): Base-coat + Shade + 2 - 4 hard layer edge highlights, maybe really easy "Free Hands", like squad marks, battle-damage, more details than level 3; Or new pre-shade contrast painting style (Example my Bad Moon Night-goblins, average 1,5 h; average 1-2 h per model infantry in a regiment-que, 10,- to 20,- € per model without discounts   Level 5 (low display quality): Base-coat + Shade + 3 - 7 hard layer edge highlights and some blends (wet-blends negotiable, maybe some mediocre "Free Hands", like Squad marks or detail-free-hands, more details than Level 4; (My Dark Elves Hydra 7 e is with 30 h or my "Attack on Titan" Night-goblin-giant with 35 h is a Monster Level 5), average 3 - 12 h per model in regiment Que, 30,- to 120,- € per model without discounts (This is character-level and a really fine quality!)   Level 6: (medium display quality): Objects-sores-lighting like Be-Lakor Chapter I, elaborate "Free-Hand"-Images, like shadow-reflections on shiny armor! Average 15 h + NO Que, 150,- € + per model infantry without discounts (Hero-level is my skill-cap at the moment)   For better quality levels i can recommand Blue Table painting-studio (Artist: Sam Lenz)   Blue table painting Levels:

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