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My WorldEmber Pledge 2022

Week 1 Homework: The Pledge


This is the first year that I will be participating in WorldEmber and I figure I will start it out with what I enjoy the most about worldbuilding. Creatures! Having just abut 75 speices and sub species, there is a lot to flesh out, but it always ends up expanding on other areas of my world.  


The biggest thing I need to conquer to the 10,000 goal, is time allocation (especially with the busy holiday schedules coming up) and keeping from burning out. I am hoping to have some time to also get some drawings done of either my creatures or even environments to spice up my articles.

Week 2 Homework: Mini-Meta


Having so many creatures to choose from, I am thinking to do a mix of older creatures that are more fleshed out in my head, and some newer concepts that I have. Keeping it fresh and having a variety to jump between will help with burn-out and keep from feeling "bored".  




To continue the trend of Mapvember, I am thinking to focus on the major Races and Species that is found in the ice and snow laden country, Skiala.

Elf Hare
Etheri Wolf
Nonka Hound

Imposter Worm
Obsidian Dragon


Week 3 Homework: Organization

Organization makes my brain happy and I think it was one of the first things I've established here before I went crazy on my articles was to establish Categories. For World Ember, I am using Tj's Worldbuilding Planner to help stay on task and track my word count.

Week 4 Homework: Art!

Unfortunately I won't have enough time to pull together a bunch of artwork for World Ember, but I have plenty of ideas to spice up my articles once I have a little more time to give them some love!

Completed Articles




List of Races

  • Fye
  • Tsuna
  • Grav
  • Aerana
  • Kuvlup
  • Klannrix
  • Rivulaen
  • Brunian
  • Mire
  • Man

List of Species

  • Abyssal Water Cat
  • Admaris' Fish/ Gem Fish
  • Aquatic Fox
  • Armor Oxy Cousin
  • Armored Wolf
  • Blade Hound
  • Broadwing
  • Buzz Bee
  • Chymera
  • Crowyote
  • Dragon
  • Elf Hare
  • Elf Hound
  • Ersatz
  • Etheri Wolf
  • Fire Scarab
  • Fyn’lop
  • Griffin
  • Gryphus
  • H’Tontusk
  • Klakla
  • Lantern Cat
  • Lantern Moth
  • Lement
  • Lyza
  • Marram
  • Moon Hound
  • Nightglow
  • Nonka Hound
  • Note
  • Ottner
  • Pumger
  • Quill Hound
  • Raple
  • Rep’kil
  • Rypht
  • Sabre Shank
  • Se’hors
  • Sea Ocegon
  • Sea’Nonka
  • Shur’fot
  • Siren Harrow
  • Southern Bloom Mantis
  • Swamp Stalker
  • Syrec
  • Tinct
  • Tri-Kind
  • Tropical Water Cat
  • Tundra Ocegon
  • Twidlark
  • Vampurr
  • Vodula
  • Void Hound
  • Vuluin
  • Wind Sprinter
  • Winged Ocegon


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Dec 26, 2022 10:14 by TJ Trewin

I hope you're enjoying your first WorldEmber! How's it going so far? :D

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Dec 28, 2022 21:59 by Chloe Southward

I have been enjoying it so far! Though haven't had time to check into much of the events, livestreams and such this year. But! One goal at a time. First is hitting 10K :D

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