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Our journey begins in the world of Rylem, on the coast of the empire Westforn. Now in it's infancy Westforn was originally a region of barbaric tribes bent on conquering each other and nothing more. They slaughtered themselves for years until a unique group emerged in the wake of the surrounding chaos ,what would later be known as the blood wars, and claimed their hold on the entire region and all it's inhabitants. These people were known as the Selbs. By gathering together the remnants of other tribes they had obtained the largest military force the land had seen up unto that point. Not to mention that they were far more advanced, having an almost modern system of diplomacy.   All but one tribe surrendered, The Xerald. The Xerald tribe were known as the fiercest, most brutal and uncaring of all the others. They believed unwavering that the most powerful deserved the best and that the weak were meant as servants.When faced with a challenge they were the most likely to choose the most direct solution, perhaps they wanted a piece of land but someone already owned it. A xeral would simply kill the inhabitants if they did not leave by there own accord. A mountain in the way of building a city? They would carve out of the mountain however much thy desired. This directly conflicted with the Selbs belief in natural beauty. Forest in the way of a city incorporate the trees into the architecture. Soon this difference would lead to war.   It was all about a range of mountains lying a little ways north of the Selb. The selbans were thinking of creating a great number of mines to excavate in search of precious ores, while the xerals wanted to construct a great palace and wall atop the highest peak to show their superiority. The selbans tried multiple times to bargain with the Xerald tribe, but the xerals stood their ground claiming personal ownership of the whole range.Finally, under the leadership of Jotun Barael, the Selbans gathered their army and prepared for a great confrontation along a pass the general had discovered weeks prior. The xerals had the same idea.   For days the two armies waited on either side of the pass waiting two see who would strike first until one xeral became impatient alnd yelledd to charge. In pure confusion and loss the two seperate forces converged in terrible battle with the winning army naming the pass with the victor generals name. So to this day Jotun Pass is a trusted path for all who travel.

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