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Ivan The Elder, Archpriest of Thallasia

Tall and ominous with the frame of a great warrior, the Thallasian archpriest from the north has all but taken over an entire country with his power. Ivan the Elder may be the most powerful person in the north, the might of a great empire at his beck and call. the cyrellan church has condemned him but dares not interfere with his rule, strengthening his new faith amongst his people. Even the ancient Arcanum fears his capabilities.   -Fear not my followers, through blood and snow, death and ashes, i will be here by your side. The light and the paragons are with us, and bless his royal highness with divine providence. The dawning of a new age is upon us, and all those to blaspheme the ways of the true paragons will be cast down!

  • Ivan the Elder
  • Physical Description

    General Physical Condition

    Ivan is a large imposing man built heavy and strong, far faster and more agile than a man of his apparent age.

    Body Features

    Well muscled and tall, he still bears signs of age with spots beginning to form. He still has a powerful stride and quick movements however, a common trait amongst Thos with Skald blood.

    Facial Features

    His eyes are a deep and penetrating, some to meet him can only recall his fervent stare. Indeed, most cannot maintain eye contact with him for too long. He wears a thick beard, popular amongst the Thallasian common folk, with grey streaks running through it

    Identifying Characteristics

    Perhaps his most identifying feature is his voice. He speaks deep and clear and almost sounds musical at times. Long years of Skaldic songweaving have turned his voice into a more effective weapon than any blade, being able to cow almost anyone with his powerful words

    Special abilities

    Ivan is powerfully gifted, though he sees it as a gift from the light and nothing to do with the arcane. his gift manifested in his songweaving, the art of Skaldic storytelling to enrapture those who hear. His is very specialized however, directly able to stir primal emotions within people. his voice is extraordinarily dangerous.

    Apparel & Accessories

    Ivan bears few possessions, considering objects to be distractions to his true purpose, the true way of the church.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Raised on the northern borders of Thallasia and the Skald, his early days were normal for those of the Skald, being raised as a hunter and taught the art of song weaving as well as war. Though not the greatest warrior in his village, he wears still large for a boy of his age, easily able to defeat grown men at the age of thirteen. What was remarkable was his song weaving however which showed great skill as his blood was strong with the gift. People would come from villages far and wide to hear his skill of songweaving and to be enraptured by tales of the old gods by a youth. It was believed he would travel north and join the Skald as a true weaver.   All that changed when a Cyrellan missionary was found close to death near his village, harried by wolves. Ivan, though a boy of sixteen at this time, was able to chase off the wolves with his archery skills and he took the priest back to i his village to tend his wounds.   The priest had fever dreams that night, near death, and was calling out to the Paragons and naming young Ivan one among them. This intrigued him and he tended to the priest himself, staying by his side until he was recovered past the brink of death. Ivan discussed for many hours with the Priest of his faith and about the paragons, and the priest in turn taught the boy how to read, a rare skill in the lands around. he gave him a copy of the Modern Cyrellan scriptures and talked long hours of the paragons with him   Ivan became obsessed. He learned how to read extremely quickly and shared what he read with his village, using his songweaving art to enrapture all who listened. The priest, unaware of the power of the old blood, saw amazed how a young boy was able to convert an entire village to Cyrellanism in a mere two months, all while learning to read the very scriptures he was preaching.   Ivan chose to leave with the priest then, wanting to see the world and learn more abut the faith. he bid his family well and travelled south beyond the tundra of the Thallasian plains into the midlands, to visit the temples and the holy sites, going as far south as Old Centara itself to visit the birthplace of Cyril and hear the Heirophant give his sermons.   It was here that Ivan fully gave himself over to the faith. he joined a monastery and spent ten years diving deeply into the scriptures, and preached sermons to the people of Centara with his ancient songweaving power. In time, the Archpriest of the area grew jealous of Ivans skills which the Heirophant himself had taken notice to. Not wanting to lose his position to a young man barely a thirds his age, he sent Ivan north once again on a pilgrimmage, to bring Thallasia more deeply into the fold.. Ivan went, and gathered a fairly large following as he went, preaching fanatically to all those who would listen in many lands. Galladria, Brice, Femphrey, mycea all gained him more followers. By the time he arrived in the Grand capital of the Thallasian empire his followers were numbered in the hundreds, all willing to die for their saviour. here he began to preach the ways of the light and performing miracles, so it is said, of healing and prophecy. His numbers grew.   The mage lords from Iseadar who had long held sway in this part of the world grew fearful of this man. The faith had long been enemies of The arcanum and they feared what his words would bring to a region still loyal to the old ways. they whispered words into the ear of emperor Frederik III who was notoriously weak of will, and the emperor sent his troops out to have the priest arrested. Ivan was cast into the deepest dungeons of the grand palace where he stayed for five years, refusing to give up his ways but the emperor not daring to have Him executed. It was during these days that the people began to sit up, discontent with the rule and demanding the release of their prophet. it was also during these years that it is said, Ivan began to make predictions of things to come to his jailers which all came true, from the terrible blizzards of 1525 to the outbreak of crimson fever the following year which claimed thousands of lives. Word of his predictions spread wide, and a great riot ensued. in the year of 1527 the palace was broken into and Ivan was freed to the Joy of his followers, now counting into the tens of thousands. The emperor himself was captured, his own royal guard turning on him, and one fo the Mage Lords was slain, the others melting into the night. The throne was offered to Ivan but he outright refused it, saying to rule man was not the province of men but the realm of the divine. The emperor was released but his true reign was over at this point, and he spent his remaining days in exile while his young son was given the throne, The now crowned Emperor Alexander the I.   In the days that followed Ivan had a grand temple built to the Paragons. he began to preach the corruption of the Cyrellan faith, saying the First paragons were the true messengers of the divine light and Cyril was but a vessel to them. Word of his heresy fell to the ears of the Heirophant himself in the years that followed and he sent a force of hexblades lead by The Archpriest who sent him away and a Cyrellan Justicar. But once they arrived they found a city that had fully come over to the teachings of Ivan. he condemned the group in turn of heresy and had the archpriest thrown from the temple walls to die on the streets below. the hexblades and the Justicar were imprisoned, unable to contend with tens of thousands of fanatic people and were in time also brought overt to service of Ivan, unable to resist his powerful songweaving, Thus the Wyvern Knights of Thallasia were born.   He helped bring up the new emperor, easily bringing him under his wing and converting him to the ways of the new faith. Emperor Alexander is stronger than his father and has massed a large support of his people, ruling with the assistance of Ivan to keep him and his people on the true path.


    Ivan was taught to read by a priest in his younger days and learned all he knew from the temple Libraries in Centara. He has no further education.

    Personality Characteristics


    All he does is in service to the church, or his version of the church. He sees others as blasphemers but allows people to follow their own path, until it conflicts with his own. Ivan truly believes that he has been chosen as a Paragons of a new age. His fanaticism on this makes him very hard to deal with, particularly with those who disagree with his religious beliefs.

    Wealth & Financial state

    Though he has no personal wealth to state, he in actual fact has unlimited access to the wealth of the Thallasian empire.

    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Thallasian borderlands
    Biological Sex
    Black with iron grey streaks
    Skin Tone
    Pale but weathered from age
    245 lbs

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