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I pen these notes in my final days in hopes that they be valuable to travellers and historians who seek truth. Much has been lost through the ages, the Arcanum has washed parts of history away and great empires have edited histories as they see fit. I seek beyond this, I seek the truth.   I have travelled to the great city of Iseadar and gained access to their libraries to seek through old tomes, i have wandered to the frigid north to listen to the tales of skaldi songweavers, visited the great gardens of Mycea and spoken to their artificers about ancient cities long lost, I even risked the dead pass on the border of the sea of dust to travel to the Jade Empires, lands rich in culture and wonders unseen in the east lands.   I have sought truth   May these notes help those who also seek truth in their travels. I risked heresy penning these. Let my risks be your rewards.   - Jace Andros, Historian