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Null Magic

Null magic is a localized zone of negative magic which prevents the effects of magic within its region of effect. This can be naturally caused, such as in the case of Cold Iron, or it can be caused by direct intervention. This is usually done by draining a reserve of magic much more rapidly than it can be refreshed by the world's natural magic flow, though other ways of doing so are available, such as the intervention of a deity or other powerful magic. Some fields of null magic can be reversed over time or by direct intervention, though some are unable to be restored in any way.   There are a few uses for null magic, and because of this, there are people who use null magic fields to their advantage. One of the more direct uses is as armor against spellcasters, but many mages use null magic as safe zones for keeping more magically volatile components and objects.


No direct visualization under normal circumstances, however, when most magic enters the field of effect, it will immediately disperse.


Cold Iron, magical deadzones

Metaphysical, Arcane

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