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This article is about the moon Moeval. You may be looking for the god Moeval.   Moeval is a silver moon that orbits around Ruten. It is commonly associated with the god of the same name, though there are many who believe the moon may also represent Trensia.


Due to Moeval lacking any form of significant atmosphere, the planet is riddled with craters and mountains, and the topology is frequently changing.

Fauna & Flora

Due to being a moon, there is likely little to no natural flora or fauna on its surface. It's possible that Moeval himself lives on this moon, and even more likely that some extra dimensional entities are also capable of surviving on the surface.

Natural Resources

It is unknown what resources may exist on the surface of Moeval, though some astronomers have speculated that the planet may contain large deposits of Silver or other similarly colored metals.
Alternative Name(s)
The Silver Moon
Planetoid / Moon
Location under
Characters in Location

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