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The strongest deserve whatever they want. I am the strongest.

Dazgzyvguḧr Hydguḧr (Orcish), Ryvurrgdgÿbnuz (Grotson, family name translated from Orcish)

Never during any age of this world have I met an agreeable Orc
  • Dr. Ussman Doggo
  • Physical Description

    Body Features

    Savage is a rather average build for a warrior of an orcish clan. While toned and muscular, his body still does not meet the monstrous bulk of such humanoids as the Goliaths or some Dragonborn. Savage's skin is scored and pocked by countless battle injuries and the stress of discovering his primal abilities to unleash more power during a blind rage has left his body prematurely aged in appearance. Wrinkles cover the top of his head and a few patches of flesh across his body, while the only hair he retains (a beard and sideburns) have faded to a pale white.

    Facial Features

    Savage's face has been scarred by his multiple raids and battles. Three deep, jagged scars run down his face diagonally. The injury which left the scars on the orc's face also damaged his left eye causing it to go blind and turn a ghostly white. His other eye is a sickly, pale blue with a pupil suspended in permanent ghoulish dialation due to the orc's persistent surges of adrenaline.

    Apparel & Accessories

    Though sometimes boasting heavier armor for particularly dangerous raids, banishment to the Crooked Isle has left Savage at a setback. He currently sports very sparse armor cobbled together from leather straps and a cloth to cover his loins. A thin, cracked leather bandoleer crosses over his chest to hold his implements of war upon his back.

    Specialized Equipment

    Savage has taken a liking to a crude ogre weapon found during one of his adventures. Dubbed Rocky, the ugly flail is nothing more than a small boulder affixed to a handle via a rusting iron chain.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Born the fourth year after the dawn of a new century and the only child to a pair of orcish clansmen, Savage's early days were beaten of rough iron and shaped in the heat of the orcish forge. The child's father, Grot, held a place of honor within the family's clan having proven himself in battle as a fearsome warrior and speaker of spirits. Savage's mother, Arokka, also attained an honorable reputation. A healer by trade, the orcess reviled the magics of the lesser races (to orcs), and forbade its usage to Savage. In the place healing spells and enchanted remedies, Savage's mother instructed him in the art of field medicine: binding wounds with crude bandages, mending lacerations with animal gut thread, and collecting herbs and fungi to aid in natural medicines. From Arokka, Savage learned a keen ability to observe the natural world around him, finding healing uses for things others may simply overlook.

    Though his lessons in medicine kept Savage within the safety of the clan's walls, Grot was insistent that the body learn to fight and follow in his father's bloody footprints. A member of a nomadic clan, Savage was ever on the move, and with these moves came opportunity. After learning his way around both blade and bludgeon, Savage took to raiding nearby camps and villages with his father. It was during his early years of raiding that Savage learned to tap into his barbaric nature. Near defeat and on his back at the hands of a human warrior, Savage became blinded with madness and anger, drawing upon untapped reserves of primal strength. With one swift movement Savage sprung to his feet and left his foe a gory mess upon the field.


    Within the orc clans there is no formalized education systems. Though healers and shaman of various clans are taught the ways of speaking with ancestral spirits, the orcs find learning-by-doing to be the best teacher. Male and female orc children alike are taught to brawl and wield a blade as soon as they are able to stand upon their own two feet. Those who show aptitude will be taken into the ranks of a warrior; those who do not will be sent to learn from elders, tend to animals or farms, or work as builders on the clans' grounds. This education "system" was no different for Savage.


    To Savage there is but one true taboo: magic. Though the barbarian has seen the usefulness of magic in his current allies upon the Crooked Isle, Savage is repulsed by spellwork of any kind and refuses to touch implements of magical power unless extremely necessary. His mother's words always echo within his ears whenever the arcane is invoked, "No good comes from the work of sorcerers and mages. We take what we need from the land as it always provides".

    Personality Characteristics

    Likes & Dislikes

    Savage finds pleasure in the heat of martial combat. Nothing brings greater honor or satisfaction that defeating a foe in matched combat. Though he does enjoy a good brawl, Savage abhors magic in any form, seeing it as an untrustworthy evil. Taking the teachings of his mother to heart, Savage refuses to associate with magic.


    Family Ties

    Savage was abandoned by his father shortly before his exile. This has caused strain on the orc causing him some distrust in others, however, he has been renewed by the prospect of finding his father once he escaped the Cooked Isle.

    Religious Views

    Savage and his clan have no god. Though many orcs heed the god Surt, Savage's clan forsook the teachings of a god long ago.


    Savage never received a formal education as many adventuring sorts do. Instead he learned through the oral traditions of the orc clans. His ability to speak common was haphazardly gathered from non-monstrous captives his clan returned with from raids. As a result, his common tongue is stunted and child-like, only able to form such simple sentences as "Savage hate squishy men".

    Savage's clan crest (clan name unknown)
    Chaotic Neutral
    Year of Birth
    1204 (33 years old)
    Kleggmar Outskirts within the Broken Skull Territory
    Current Residence
    The Crooked Isle
    Biological Sex
    Left eye faded to white, right eye a glassy blue with a massive dilated pupil
    Bald, a white beard and sideburns adorning his face
    240 lbs
    Known Languages
    Common, Orcish, Giant

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