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"I will protect my friends and build my legend."

The manipulation of runic enchantment has been passed down between the Giant-kin throughout the millennia. By channeling the powers of the Elemental Chaos into the massive stone "forges" the Giants construct, they are able to craft marvelous wonders of elemental power. From blades of war to enchanted baubles, only the Giants have been able to sustain this sort of crafting. Rune-forging uses the body of the forge-master as a focus for the elemental powers, as the forge-master utilizes the runic rings about them to vent away excess energies. It is theorized that the Giants may accomplish this feat due to their massive size and close bond to the elements, but researches remain baffled
- L.M. Goodberry, an except from On the Natural World, Vol 4.

Physical Description

Body Features

Dandy's skin is pale and flecked with patches of freckles scattered across her arms, shoulders, chest, and face. She is a towering height, standing at over seven feet. Her muscled body would put many Goliaths of the Myaaq Wastes to shame.

Identifying Characteristics

Dandy's body is covered in runic tattoos which translate into incantations, poems, songs, and tall-tales of the Giant culture. Between the runes are woven intricate line-work, knots, and patterns. Large sections of flesh on her arms and legs are nearly completely covered by this tattooing.

Special abilities

Like many barbarian warriors, Dandy is able to channel her adrenaline into martial power. However, Dandy's rage seems to push her body to further extremes and tests her will. Those of arcane proficiency have noticed strange magical energy pulsing off her body during these rages.

Specialized Equipment

The massive warrior wears armor pieces of leather, hide, and chainmail. Beneath some patches of leather lay iron plating to protect more vital points of her body. Around her hips Dandy enjoys wearing a "skirt" of linen fabric dyed her favorite color, a brilliant crimson. Dandy's massive, square bladed greatsword (dubbed Iskross) is always close by. The blade is inscribed with several Giant runes and sometimes glow and hum during a battle.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Very little is known about the massive warrior who calls herself Dandy. Hailing from Jothun (but stating she's from all over the North) Dandy first encountered the adventurers at their tavern, The Brass Buck Too. Stating there was troubles in the North and that she had heard of their success in protecting the Crystal Dwarves, Dandy hired out the adventuring party to assist her on her travels Northward. Though she has shown extreme prowess in battle (Mysh notably seeing a reddish magical aura leak from her skin when she rages), and demonstrating an odd knowledge of Giant-history and rune-forging, Dandy largely remains a mystery to the party, preferring to keep her secrets close at hand.

Lawful Good
Year of Birth
1210 (27 years old)
The village of Cima
Current Residence
Jothun's Rune-Forge
Biological Sex
A soft sky blue ringed by flecks of icy white
Deep red, waist length, often held back in a braid
236 lbs

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