Runes and Dragons


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Runeterra is a League of Legends inspired world for DnD. I do not claim ownership of the contents that are owned by Riot Games, and will take the world down if asked to do so. The deities in my version of this world are almost exclusively inspired by champions of League of Legends.   Runeterra is a world that was created by Eldritch beings, from stones known as world runes. The world runes contain a huge amount of power, and have the potential to destroy the world if they get into the wrong hands. The discovery and use of the World Runes lead to a series of wars followed by cataclysmic events known as the Rune Wars. The big cataclysm near the immortal bastion - which is now called Noxus Prime - marks second zero of today's calendar.   There are three continents in Runeterra:   The northern continent, known as Valoran, houses the current two biggest nations of the world, the totalitarian highly-controlled kingdom Demacia in the West and the liberalistic expansionist empire of Noxus. In the North, there are the untamed Tundra and Ice Desert of the Freljord. Between those three, there is a region known as the Wildlands, Dragon Lands, or just "The Unknown".   Connecting Valoran to the Southern continent, known as Shurima, is the city-state of Piltover, also known as the City of Progress. It is built atop the dirty steampunk city of Zaun, which is the victim of Piltover's growing industry's pollution. The majority of the continent Shurima is the desert of Shurima, also known as the Great Sai. It is home to the fallen empire of Shurima, which has recently started rising back again. To its east, there is the Kumungu jungle, a wildland and home to many gigantic plants and animals. Shurima is also home to the two most important places on a global view - unknown to most inhabitants of Runeterra. The void and the celestial realm are at constant war, and their biggest and most reliable gateways to Runeterra are both located on the Shuriman continent: Icathia for the void in the South-East, and Targon for the celestial realm in the far West. To the East of the Shuriman continent, unassigned to any continent on its own, is the archipelago of Bilgewater - a pirate-dominated lose alliance of towns and cities on top of big rocks that pike out from the ocean.   The third continent is Ionia. It is a largely nature-based region that is inhabited by small tribes and villages. The spirit realm is particularly close here, which leads to frequent encounters with spirits and spiritual beings. It is also home to the vastaya - a race of half-humanoid half-spirits which gained animal-like traits on top of their human ones. They have now spread across the entirety of Runeterra, but their roots are still blandly obvious by the high encounter rate of vastaya in Ionia.