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Rumei itself is a word that carries all the connotations for this world: It is a corruption of the word "Rome", a word that carries thousands of years of history with constant change, turmoil, war, crisis.   Unlike the history we know, this involves not only the force of magic, but entire other planets, the entirety of the Milky Way, and even a separate reality!   As this involves other worlds, there are a multitude of species that have a part to play. From the magically gifted, demon-descended Ignasae to the humans who created the history that later shaped the entire galaxy. a variety of people have shaped the galaxy at large. Though attempting to describe all of their disparate stories is a challenge, including the individuals who shaped history, it is a challenge worth attempting. This is the story of how the history of Earth intertwined with the history of thousands of worlds and a multitude of species.

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