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Rularo is a dangerous world besieged by Arcane surges. These surges occur with each visit from the beings viewed as deities in the Denthar region of Rularo. With each surge more and more creatures, people, and even objects are infused with Arcane magic.   The planet Rularo is the 6th of the 9 planets in the solar system known as Vo. Rularo and the other planets orbit the sun Tolcon. Rularo itself is orbited by two moons, Ergos and Thrata.   On the planet of Rularo are three large continents, Dul, Scod, and Brugun, surrounded by various regions of archipelagos and islands.   On the continent of Dul the Morda, Morva, and Morta claimed their kingdoms for the rich farmlands, boundless riches beneath the mountain ranges, and peaceful forested meadows.   On Scod, a land filled with marshes, seemingly never ending rivers that stretch for miles and miles, the Taiq Elves mastered the arts of seafaring and watercraft.   Within the scorching dunes that stretch from the west to the east coasts, the volcanic northern range, and the various cavernous ravines in the south, the legendary race of the Gragords became lords of the land of the inhospitable continent of Brugun, along with their distant descendants the Gragots.   The Denthar region is a island region on the planet Rularo. It consists of small continents, such as Denthar, Canthar, and Venti, to smaller islands and archipelagos, such as the Obsidian Isles and Makop. It is a dangerous and unstable place; Denthar is often fraught with Arcane surges resulting in cultures with countless myths and legends of powerful beings, indescribable anomalies, and fantastic creatures both mythical and nightmarish.