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Factions of Drakkenheim

The story of Drakkenheim is wrapped up in the five factions that are vying for control of the ruins. The Amethyst Academy wants to study Delerium and learn to harness its power. But delerium is dangerous. Maybe they are power hungry and self serving. The Brazen Legion wants to destroy delerium and the danger it represents. This could be just another blind holy war on forces they do not understand. The Hooded Lanterns believe that everything will be better if they can put a legitimate heir on the throne. Wishful thinking if you ask the other factions. The Followers of the Falling Fire believe delerium can be purified and made holy and use it for their sacred rituals. Are the prophecies of Lucrecia Mathias true, or the ravings of a mad woman, or con artist? Lastly, the Queen's Men move among the rubble of the ruins looking for anything of value that can be scavenged. Are they really interested in making the world a better place or just a group of outlaws out for themselves?

What happens is up to the players to decide when they enter

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