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Cuff Goldburg


Cuff is a gnome, and dressed well for this type of establishment. When Frida Longtusk decided to quit the adventuring life and settle down, Cuff agreed to help bankroll her bar, the Skull and Sword. For several years, Cuff enjoyed the quiet life, before the meteor hit. He stood by Frida when she decided to hold out in Emberwood Village.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

He dresses very well. On a level with Kosta Stavros or Aldor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He and Frida Longtusk go way back. They were adventurers together, and when she quit to start a bar, he joined her.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

He likes to drink


Contacts & Relations

He is friends with "Lucky" Jack and Lies and allows them and other Queen's Men to work out of the Skull and Sword.


He frequently strokes his waxed mustache.
Current Location
Ruled Locations

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