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Contamination is the name given to the deleterious effects of Delerium and The Haze on the mind and body of the people, flora, and fauna that come into contact with them. The physical body warps and the mind becomes delusional and aggressive.

There is no cure for those that become fully contaminated, but the early stages can be cured with rest and magic. Research into contamination, its effects, prevention, treatment, and maybe even a cure, are still ongoing. The monstrosities that live within the Haze are all contaminated versions of normal people and creatures that fell victim to the Haze.

Transmission & Vectors

Contamination can be spread in several ways. If you spend too much time in the Haze, have physical contact with Delerium, contaminated water, or come into contact with some of the contaminated creatures in The Haze you could end up contaminated yourself.


Contamination is not clearly understood at this time. Many arcane and divine spellcasters, as well as alchemists, are currently researching contamination and ways to reverse it.


Level Symptoms
1 None.
2 Hit points regained by spending hit dice are halved.
3 No hit points regained at the end of a long rest.
4 Damage dealt by weapon attacks and spells is halved. 
5 Incapacitated.
6 Monstrous Transformation!


Some headway has been made in treating the early stages of contamination, but there is no cure for fully contaminated creatures at this time.


Unless treated, the contaminated person will turn into one of the monsters that live in The Haze and will attack even their closest friend in their madness. Every time a contaminated created finishes a long rest, roll 1d20. On a 1, they gain a new level of contamination.


Each time someone gains a level of contamination, they roll 1d6 1d6 . If the result is equal to or less than the character's total contamination levels, they gain a mutation.

Hosts & Carriers

Many of the creatures within the Haze can spread contamination with their attacks.


Methods of protection against contamination are the subject of research, but the best way to avoid it is to not enter the Haze. If you do, avoid spending more than 24 hours, and try to evade the monsters that live there.


No recorded instances of contamination exist before the meteor.
Chronic, Acquired

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