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The people of Vigil

Seek profit, but not at the expense of blood.
Talveari (tal'vee'ahree) struggles with duality. During the day it is a diverse, thriving, and perceptibly safe shipping hub moving the regions goods by road, river and air. Its rich merchant traditions of fair trade and quality goods ensure growth and prosperrity. At night the streets transform, colored lights flare, and music swells as offerings for even the most peculiar appetite can be fulfilled. Known through out the region as a safe and welcoming harbor for the rogue elements of society it would be a twisted mess of conflict and betrayal if not for the "code". An informal, but widely regarded agreement among the cut purses, gamblers and thieves.

At least that is how it was before the war. As the war raged in regions across the world, Talveari remained free of conflict. Some say the supernatural corruption that was infecting people across the globe had taken seed long ago and that it was only a matter of time before it was seen in the light of day.   The cities central location on the continent of Vyrinth and the rivers connection to the north and south that contributed to it becoming the final battle ground in the war. Many fled in the first days that the conflict raged ever closer to the city walls. When Urbis, the Corruptor himself manifested in the Cleric's Ward, those that remained felt certain that the city would be leveled as so many before.   When the final blow was struck by the Primes, few could have predicted the outcome. As dawn washed away the night, only the Laborer's Ward remained. Two-thirds of the city, its elegant central square, the docks, the vast warehouse ward, the central courts...all gone. In their place a mind bending tear in reality directly into the elemental plane of Water and beyond.   As the Primes and populace of nearby settlements mobilized to seal the dimensional barriers, one question remained. Who would guard the breach? Military leaders scoffed at the notion that those who remained, a "cluster of thieves" could be tasked with such an important and moral task. To the surprise of many they did just that. What leadership existed rose to the challenge and due to their culture of the code, they created a beachhead for the flood of volunteers entering the breach. They brought organization and safety to the remains of Talveari. Soon the city become known as Vigil and the survivors of the labor ward prospered as opportunities to amass weath and power with the influx of workers and craftsman move through their shattered streets.


Shared customary codes and values

Honor among theives.

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