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The Furmite Order

Forget not the cost of victory, pursue traditon, preserve life - Laurell Furmek
As corruption sweeps across Alyeria by the command of Urbis, the arrival of the Elemental Primes was seen by most as the moment of salvation. Not everyone agrees.   Life on Alyeria was rich with culture, discovery and growth before the Primes. Hard work, dedication to family, and honoring the Titans were cornerstones of life. The abberant attacks and the corruption of the land were terrifying events, but many people belived the Titans would rise to protect the devoted.   As the corrution spread and hope dwindled for many, those faithful to the Titans held firm. That faith was shaken, but not shattered by the desctructive arrival of the Primes. Their existense and claims that the Titans were just constructs or machines sent by their command to shape the world challenged many of their beliefs. Though written in detail in the scrolls and books of historical record, the Prime Fall was not gentle. The vast majority of the population wrote off the devestation and loss of life as a necessary evil to defeat Urbis. Those that accepted the act may have been neglegent or even callous argue that the benefits brought to society by the Primes out-wieghed the cost.   Laurell Furmek was not one of them. While his direct experience was mild compared to some his heart was broken by the damage done not only to the land, but to the people and their faith. He saw a rapid transition away from the fundamental beliefs he held. Beliefs that formed the basis of many societies on the planet. The rapid pace at which people were swept up and facinated by shaping the Ebb was alarming to Laurell.  
Focus not on glitter and gifts, accept change in measure and forget not tradition. - Laurell Furmek
  He could not reconcil the allure of this "Gift from the Primes" as payment for the wounds inflict to land and people. He began preaching the vitues of fundamental beliefs and actions and a return to the honoring of the titans. His beliefs were further reinforced when the war against Urbis was won by tearing apart the barriers between realms.

Mythology & Lore

The worship of the Titans was a narration of the natural world. Some of the earliest Vasku (human) tribes made sense of what they saw and experiences in the world around them by assigning personalities, names and even conflicts to them. Volcanic eruptions, the cycle of plant grows and the seasons gave birth to the Titans.

Divine Origins

The earliest recorded age of Alyerian nomadic tribes, recounted in song, story and artistic record.


Midweek the Titans, breath and bone of the world, the first shapers were honored with offerings from most peoples of Alyeria. Collective shrines where constructed from elements of the earth. Portions of the weeks kills and harvest were set aside and offered with a prayer at these holy sites. A few sites were visited by many tribes and became points of seasonal trading and eventually settlements.
Around 1148 as the surviors climbed from the wreckage of their world a radicalized faction of the Furmites emerged. Quicky gaining support among their numbers and strength grew. Lead by Celic Naderim their focus shifted from tradition values and distrust of the Primes to the erradication of common shaping (magic use). This faction would end up delving into corrupt magics and the creation of the Harvestors.
Founding Date
Earliest recorded history around 9 BCE
Religious, Organised Religion

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