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Spirit Tender

The origins of the Spirit Tender are shrouded in myth. How they are selected, who trains them? An uncommon member of the clery, though settlements of a few hundred or more are assigned one or two. They never hail from the regions they serve and live solitary lives. Communication is short, but polite and most Spirit Tenders speak several languages common and old.   Their presence and movements are most noteable in the smaller communities that serve surrounding their assigned settlement. Often signs or portents are said to hearld their coming. Sometimes it's obvious if the region or settlement has lost someone or there's been a great battle. Other times something just feels off before they arrive.   They are recognized by a few elements, first and foremost, is what most describe as their dead eye, a chalk white otherwise featureless ceramic orb that replaces one of their lost or removed eyes. Finally, a distinctive charcoal gray sash, of fine material tied at their waist, it's tails covered in elegenatly embroidered arcane runes. Other than a hooded traveling cloak, the rest of their attire can vary, but is often simple and functional.   And what is their job you ask? They tend to the errant and lost souls adjacent to our world. Just beyond the natural site of most lies the Aethereal plane. Here spirits or souls good and ill-natured exist parallel to ourselves in the Material plane. The Aethereal's dark and misty setting mirrors the Material in many ways, though it is often frozen in time at particular moments in a person's life or a regions history.   Spirit Tenders, part investigator, part priest, search out errant or lost spirits ensuring that the heed the pull of their Aethereal tether back to origin, back to the Well of life. For those sprits that are reluctant to return or even hostile the Ttender is uniquely equipped for battle both on the Material and the Aethereal plane.

Cerulean Lens & Anchor

The ceramic orb is no simple replacement. A carefully crafted tool allows the user to see the presence and flow of the Ebb and into the Aethereal plane from the Material. The sash functions as a defensive ward to protect against attacks and Aethereal possession. Additonally it serves as an anchor to the Material for the Spirit Tenders soul during Aethereal projection or jaunts. Both items glow a pale cerulean when in use.
Religious, Special

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