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As the corruption spreads my sight dims. Once I could see across the sprawling wood. To its very corners...into its past.
Some of the oldest trees within the Tammersin Wood are of the Genis Bracken. They are stout, resilient trees and can grow to great heights. A unique and interesting feature of these trees is their ability to detect and collect Merrite. As the tree grows, its roots dig deep and wide seeking out the naturally occurring material. Over time, tiny phalanges move the particles of this precious ore to the base of the tree. The Bracken leaf absorbs small portions throughout its life. The age of such a tree is clear to the naked eye. Meritte speckles the bark, the further up the trunk it goes, the older the tree. The oldest have canopies that sparkle at night, their leaves permeated with the element.   With great care, respect and conservation gifted makers only harvest the wood of a Brackenleaf felled by age, storm or neglegence. They are too valuable to the Ebb ecosystem to be harvested without conscience. Every part of the tree is carefully harvested and repurposed for weapons, tools, art and furnishings. Large clusters of Meritte are commonly found under the felled trees making them targets of the profiteers and unprincipled shapers. The most prescious are the rare seeds that grow from the center of the tree near the canopy. Depending on the age of the tree the number of seeds can vary. Two or three for the eldest trees is common. These rare seeds are cultured and replanted by the druids of the forrest in sacred rites and secret locations to protect the early stages of growth. When a Brackenkeaf is felled by the neglent or puposful hands, they are marked and hunted by the druids of the wood. Capture and imprisonment is the best a marked one can hope for.   Brackenleaf trees suffer, but stand resolute in areas of corruption. Their infusion of the Ebb storing mineral affords them the ability to absorb corruption, containing it and protecting the larger forrest. The rich purples of their canopies and speckled bark show the dark stain of corruption quickly.   Patient and respectful shapers can read the trees to gain insight into the surrounding forest. Some can commune with them and see through the trees themselves. Meditating near a Bracken Leaf can grant additional energy. Corrupted casters that are not fallen, can with expert instruction draw corruption out of their bodies with the aid of an elder Bracken Leaf tree.
Rich, earthy woods like cedar with floral notes.
Rude! Don't eat the Brackenleaf...well ok, perhaps a calming tea with natural hints of lavendar.
Dark brown with tiny reflective specks of black crystal (Merrite)
Boiling / Condensation Point
Rude! Oh, right tea.

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