The Volcano Kingdom

The Volcano Kingdom is the newest nation on the Southern Continent, and the first formal nation established by Orcs. Its formation is directly tied to the joining together of the Lava Orc tribes of the Twin Flames. In recent years, they have been joined by Smoke Orcs who were driven north by Garanga Elephantfolk, increasing their population and bringing much needed mystic abilities into the realm. Flying in the face of their newness is the careful diplomacy and statecraft that their elected monarch has engaged in, neatly avoiding war with, or becoming a vassal state of, the Iumbu Empire.   Located in the southern reaches of the Northern Savannah, their lands consist of the volcanic, obsidian strewn plains around the Twin Flames, known to the Lava Orcs as High Peak and Temple Peak. Their lands extend up the volcanoes as well, and the area is rife with danger. The Volcano Kingdom is a place of optimism and hope for the future.

Demography and Population

The Volcano Kingdom has a comparatively small population and their demographics are simple compared to other nations. As of 100 SR, they have a permanent population of ~100000, and are growing steadily. Their current demographics are Lava Orcs 78%, Smoke Orcs 15%, Hyenafolk 5%, and Humans (Iburi) 2%. The Humans represent humans who have joined the culture of the Lava Orcs, and the Hyenafolk roam in small bands through the plains areas around the Twin Flames, but have formally pledged themselves to the Volcano Kingdom.


The Volcano Kingdom sits deep within the Northern Savannah, encompassing the lands between and around the Twin Flames, a pair of ancient volcanoes. Distant from the effective holdings of the Iumbu Empire, they form part of the southern wing of the Raincatch mountians.


There is no formal military in the Volcano Kingdom. In times of danger (they have not gone to war yet), a Battle Chief will be elected from on of the tribes, and each tribe will send warriors and supplies to support them in their mission. This has already occurred several times, the largest of which was in 98 SR, when each tribe contributed 20% of their number (a staggering 20000 or so orcs and others) to repel an invasion force of Garanga Elelphantfolk from the south. Outside of this, each tribe maintains their own security and the security of their territory in the Volcano Kingdom.

Technological Level

The Volcano Kingdom sits squarely in the height of the Bronze Age, albeit with access to iron and steel. They are the most advanced, and daring, metallurgists on the Southern Continent, and their engineers are recognized as being masters of stone.


The Orcs of the Volcano Kingdom are almost universallly Followers of the Elemental Court, venerating the aspects of Smoke, Lava, Fire, Earth, and Air. The great temple of at the top of the second peak has become a pilgrimage point for other Followers on the Southern Continent, and a source of reliable income for the new nation.

Foreign Relations

The Volcano Kingdom has relations with three nations, the Iumbu Empire, Republic of Tasmrao, and Dakan Confederacy. The latter two are primarily trade and mild diplomacy; the distances between them are too much for more. The Iumbu Empire however, technically claimed the lands they formed their nation in, and while the Emperor has accepted their move to independence out of sheer pragmatism, others have not.   The reality faced by the emperor of the Iumbu Empire is that they lacked the ability to take effectvie action against an area that had been largely autonomous in the past, and was now effectively outside thier reach. So he made the call to accept the new nation and formalize their diplomatic relations, trade, and so on. However, there is a power group of nobles who lost land (not practically, they lost the claim to the lands), and who lost out on potential wealth after the veins of adamant were discovered. These nobles are subtley trying to undermine relations and force a situation that would require and military expedition to take the Twin Flames back. So far, they hav ebeen unsuccessful, but they are blinded by greed to the damage this would do to the Empire on a larger scale.   To the south of them are the lands now claimed by the Garanga Elephantfolk, who drove out and slaughtered the Smoke Orcs who had lived their previously. An unknown power is acting there, organizing and directing the Garanga in ways unseen before. So far the Volcano Kingdom has fended off one major attack, but they remain vigilant for further actions from the hostile Elephantfolk.

Agriculture & Industry

Obsidian harvesting, lava rock mining, cereal and vegetable farming, wine making, and adamant processing. The latter is the greatest source of wealth for the Volcano Kingdom, as no furnaces on the Southern Continent are capable fo heat needed to process this rare mineral, and no other group has access to the mineral.

Trade & Transport

There are some internal roads and trails, but these vary in quality based on which tribe's lands they travel through. Outside that, there are no roads linking them to anything. The King recently commissioned a skydock, and its completion in 96 SR is a point of national pride and is now busy with traders and pilgrims alike.


As of 100 SR, the Volcano Kingdom has no formal education system, and any education provided is done either by family, tribe, or by the Followers of the Elemental Court. The crown has recognized this weakness in thier nation, but the independence of the tribes and the council of chiefs has prevented them from taking action so far.


The infrastructure of the Volcano Kingdom is minimal. They have established an expansive skyport, and developed the trails around the temple complex into beautiful roads, but that's been the extent of their success so far. Trails and paths dominate their lands and the primary routes to travel, and no roads, protected or otherwise, connect them to the larger world.

Founding Date
87 SR
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Lava Nation, The Twin Flames Kingdom
None, the Orcs of the Volcano Kingdom have been unable to agree on one.
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
The Volcano Kingdom uses the currency of the Iumbu Empire and Republic of Tasmrao interchangeably.
Major Exports
Ores, adamant alloys, pumice, volcano rock products, copper, tin, obsidian, and hides.
Major Imports
Grain, wine, spirits, specialty items, lumber, fabrics and textiles, and gems.
Legislative Body
Below the monarch is the council of chiefs, the body which elects them (for life or until they step down) and discusses laws and political decisions.
Judicial Body
Judicial enforcements are carried out by the individual tribes, under the guidance of the chief. In cases where their judgement may be called into question, judgement by another tribe or the royal court itself in some cases. Predictably, this has led to a patchwork of enforcement standards and mild to moderate corruption.


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