The Southern Contintent

The Southern Continent is a large and warm place, spanning from wet tropical jungles in the north through verdant savannah to warm temperate climes in its southern most areas. Notably, this region includes the Greath Northen Jungle, the Northern Savannah, the Tasmrao Peninsula, and the Annas Archipelago in its boundaries. There are also many other features, such as the Raincatch Mountains, the Roc Mounts, the Okoro Delta, and others. It's also home to the Teminna Kingdoms, Lost Saqah, Iumbu, The Volcano Kingdoms, and other nations who survived the ravaged of the Magister War and Lost Era, or that rose after then ended.   For ease, each component part of the Southern Continent will be presented separately.

Natural Resources

Metals, clays, gems, obsidian, fruit, cereal grains, and more.

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