The Peoples of the Southern Continent

The Southern Continent was lucky, it came out of the Magister War and the Lost Era with only moderate damage, and its peoples came through mostly intact. The Southern Continent is home to many peoples, of which this is a broad overview.   Humans: Humans are the most numerous people on the Southern Continent, and are its greatest cultural influencers and historical powers.   Dakan: the dreadlocked Dakan are the largest population on the North Coast, and the dominant population of the Dakan Confederacy. They are known for their unique social structure, the Wadjiro, and for their dogged perseverance in the face of adversity. The Dakan are bitter enemies of the amphibian peoples of the Teminna Kingdoms.   Iburi: the dark and enigmatic Iburi are the largest human population on the continent, period, and their empire occupies or claims almost all the Northern Savannah. Deeply philosophical and pragmatic, they have made great strides in restoring their cities and villages in the face of the many dangers of the wildlands around them.   Pakatos: the inventive Pakatos live mostly on the Tasmran Peninsula, where their ancestors from the Arkopos Empire colonized prior to the Magister War. Fiercely independent and fiery of temper, they strive to live their lives the way they want.   Saqan: the inquisitive Saqan were once several peoples, but the magical destruction of their homeland has brought them together into one. Most live in the Iumbu Empire now, but some still reside in Lost Saqah, along its single river or on the surviving skyland over Lake Iqir.   Vostovic: coming from the cold climes of the Southern Subcontinent and Antarctic, these pale complected people have recently claimed part of the Annas Archipelago as their own. The Vostovanik Kingdom is rumoured to rival the Iumbu Empire for its grandeur, and their appetite for trade seems insatiable.   Orcs: Orcs are the second most numerous people of the Southern Continent, living in small to medium sized settlements in areas that fit their needs and elemental affinities.   Lava Orcs: the primary and dominant population of the Volcano Kingdom, these Orcs have banded together in a way previously unheard of to create a new political entity. Fierce and proud, they are blazing, literally, a new path in the Northern Savanah.   Silt Orcs: these Orcs can be found on the coastlines and in the deltas of the Southern Continent, and in small pockets along Lost Saqah's river. Famous for their fishing skills and as fearless sailors, they make up a significant minority population in the Dakan Confederacy.   Smoke Orcs: the Smoke Orcs of the Southern Continent can be found in the Volcano Kingdom, having been driven there by the Garanga Elephantfolk to the south. Their mystical skills were welcomed by the Lava Orcs, and they are slowly integrating into the new nation.   Monsterfolk: The Southern Continent was not immune to the rigours of the Magister War, and hosts a number of monsterfolk races who were created for that conflict.   Garanga Elephantfolk: "hostile" and "brutish" are the terms typically used for the Garanga Elephantfolk, who roam the grasslands and forests south of the Northern Savannah. These people are generally unfriendly to non-Garanga, and have recently begun to organize into more formal and dangerous groups than before. The few seen in non-Garanga lands are typically either outcasts or mercenaries.   Hyenafolk: the Hyenafolk are nomadic peoples common through the Northern Savannah and surrounding areas. Some have integrated into human and orc communities, and are generally regarded well by most, although the nomadic ones have a reputation for stealing cattle and goats.   Jackalfolk: mysterious and illusive, most Jackalfolk prowl the wastes of Lost Saqah, where they are known as bandits, traders, and mystics. Rumours persist of a Jackalfolk stronghold, far from the safety of the river, but none have found it yet, or at least none have returned.   Servalfolk: bright eyes and a curious nature mark these people of the Northern Savannah, and they have thoroughly integrated into the human societies of the area. They are present in almost every city and settlement, and have been a part of things so long that most don't even consider them monsterfolk any longer.   Orosa: Orosa are few in number in the Southern Continent, but they remain a presence in areas with skylands, the magical landforms that were raised at the start of the world for them to rule from. Their numbers are few, and they have only a handful of settlements to call their own.   Dragonfolk The Dragon Imperium once ruled the whole of the Western and Southern Continents, and their legacy remains in the form of ruins and a handful of peoples.   Lizardfolk: They share, and compete for, the marshlands and swamps of the Southern Continent against the Silt Orcs. They have significant numbers in the warm temperate lands south of the Northern Savannah, and are by far the most common dragonfolk on the continent. Many work as mercenaries, and they have several sages whose skills are in great demand.   Draykin: the mortal dragon hybrids that the dragons once tried to replace humans, orcs, and others have maintained some presence in the lands south of the Northern Savannah, where they have good relations with the Pakatos humans. They are rare elsewhere, but tolerated as their creation was not their choice, and many turned on the Dragon Imperium.   Temnosal: The various peoples of the Teminna Kingdoms are an amphibious race wrenched forwards through time, along with their fortresses and the creatures they bred to serve them. No Tenmosals are known to be in any lands outside of the Great Northern Jungle unless they are raiding or otherwise engaged in hostile acts. Alien and cruel, the only thing they seem to hate more than mammalian life are dragons and Dragonfolk.

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