The Great Baobab Grove

Twenty kilometres north of the imperial captial, Iumbari, rises the largest baobab grove in the Northern Savannah, and the Southern Continent. Stretching over several hundred square kilometres, this mighy place is the Great Baobab Grove, and it is a treasure of the Iumbu Empire. The massive grove, or rather forest, is a trove of resources for the empire, and is also home to a small number of elves, the only known population of them on the Northern Savannah.


The land around the Great Baobab Grove is flat, grassy, and dry. There is little surface water, but the watertable in the area is relatively high, and the trees store vast quantities of water. The soil, like the rest of the Northern Savannah, is reddish, a stark contrast to the green grasses and shrubs under the baobabs.

Fauna & Flora

Giant baobab trees dominate the skyline and flora of the grove. These trees reach over 100 metres in height, and have crowns that reach out to 150 metres. Smaller baobabs crowd around them, and in many areas have been carefully cultivated for their fruit and medicinal properties.   The fauna of the area is largely the same as the rest of the Northern Savannah that surrounds the grove, save that there are more avian threats, and rumours of a dragon deep within its forbidden areas. Bats are another major factor in the grove, as they play a role in polinating the trees when their flowers bloom by night. Unfortunately, some of these bats have been exposed to corrupting magical influences, and now pose a threat to the human and elf settlements in and around the grove.

Natural Resources

Baobab: There are several kinds of baobab that grow in the Great Baobab Grove, and they provide a nutrient dense fruit, medicinal ingredients, cream of tartar (a cooking ingredient), fiber (for textiles, instrument strings, and rope), and its wood can be used to make waterproof hats and baskets.   Animals: Many animals make their homes in and around the baobabs, and some have value for meat, bones, and horn. This is very much a secondary resource however, when compared to the baobab.

Alternative Name(s)
The Grove, the Elf Grove
Location under
Northern Savannah
Owning Organization
The Iumbu Empire


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