The Dakan-Teminna War

The Lost Era saw time become detached from Iosterra, and its wild fluctuations ravaged the planet. One of its effects was to translocate things from the past into the present and vice versa. The Teminna Kingdoms were one such thing. In the distant past, the amphibious Temnosal dominated the hot and humid areas of what are now the Southern and Western Continents, and the fall of their empire was only recorded in mysterious ruins that the wise avoided. Several kingdoms of Temnosal saw themselves smashed forwards through time, their living cities and lands traded out for the ruins and jungles of the modern day. In 50 SR, they made contact with the Dakan Confederacy, and were horrified at the prospect of mammalian life dominating the world, and that they had apparently allied with their ancient enemies, the Lizardfolk. Without warning, they struck, and pushed the Dakan from their lands to reclaim them, initiating the war that persists to this day.

The Conflict


The Teminna Kingdoms deployed scouts and forces through the extensive waterways, prepositioned to strike against the unprepared Dakan Confederacy.


Teminna Kingdoms: the Temnosal are deployed along the border areas of the Great Northern Jungle, with bases concealed within it and the North Coast.   Dakan Confederacy: the Humans, Lizardfolk, and Orcs of the Dakan Confederacy operate from small forts and patrolbases throughout the North Coast.   Both sides are making extensive use of their advantages to engage in deep strikes, something the Dakan Confederacy is excelling at as the conflict drags on.


The battlefields of the Dakan-Teminna War are the water and vegetation choked lands of the Great Northern Jungle and North Coast.


The terrain prevents conventional conflict, between its thick vegetation and over-abundant waterways. The direct effect of this is that both sides tend to fight with unit sizes under that of a company in most fights. The fighitng is furious, at close range, and often in three dimensions, as the underwater areas and air see battles as well.


The Teminna Kingdoms were able to seize back approximately 80% of their original holdings in the are of the Great Northern Jungle, and managed to kill about 65% of the human (Dakan) population in doing so. The Dakan Confederacy was forced to flee to the North Coast.


The Dakan COnfederacy was able to reform after its catastrophic defeat, and have been able to establish themselves as the bitter enemies of the Temnosal and their kingdoms.

Historical Significance


The war has lasted over 50 years now, and the strain is showing on both sides. No familiy in the Dakan Confederacy has not been touched by it, and their hatred for the Temnosal is implacable. The Temnosal are tiring of it as well, but are increasingly hampered by their own systems to address it.   The conflict has irrevocably changed how the Dakan Confederacy sees and conducts war. Previously a largely conventional force, they have rebuilt a military that has observers from as far away as the Kurov Empire interested in their small unit tactics, the development of skyborne forces.

Conflict Type
Start Date
50 SR
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Ongoing Conflict
The North Coast


Dakan Confederacy
Teminna Kingdoms


At any given point, approximately 7800 Dakoro are serving in the regular military, and tens of thousands more in the militias.
The Teminna Kingdoms breed approximately 10000 warriors per year, and have an extimated strength of 45000 at any given time. Owing to the successes of Dakoro deep strikes, many are now tied down on internal security.


Initially heavy, currently light. The Dakoro were on a severe learning curve, and had to push from fragmented military units loyal to specific Wadjiro to an ultra-modern, tactically flexible force while protecting a mass exodus of refugees. Magic, magitech, and normal technology have given them an immense advantage over the Teminna Kingdoms.
Heavy. The Teminna Kingdoms were thoroughly unprepared for the levels of magic, magitech, and normal technology that the Dakan Confederacy was able to muster in a short time, or their adaptations both civially and militarily.


The objectives of the Dakan Confederacy are:   1.) the destruction of all Temnosal. 2.) to secure the borders of the North Coast against the Teminna Kingdoms. 3.) to retake the lands lost to the Teminna Kingdoms.
The Teminna Kingdoms have a single goal, the destruction of all intelligent life that isn't them. They see it as a struggle for survival where they cannot afford to rish competing against other peoples for resources.


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