Spring Bolter

Originally developed in Tasmran for the Old Empire's military before the Magister War, it has since spread to the whole of the Southern Continent as a popular ranged weapon for elite military units, successful mercenaries, and adventurers. In its simplest form, it has the appearance of a limbless, rifle stocked crossbow with a pump action on the bottom and a simple gravity fed magazine on top. After filling the magazine (typically 3 to 10 bolts, depending), the operator grasps the pump works it backwards, which loads a bolt into the slot and tensions the spring. They then take aim, and loose the bolt; repeating the load and tension action till the magazine is empty.   These weapons are popular for thier ability to lay down an hail of initial fire, steel tipped bolts hurtling outwards, but are known to be slow to reload and to have comparatively low range compared to conventional bows and crossbows. Experienced users will have a rate of fire slightly faster than a crossbow user, as they "top up" their magazine between shots and treat the greater capacity as an "emergencies only" resource. Longer ranged, harder hitting versions do exist, and use internal pulley systems to tension a more powerful spring. If the pulley system fails though, only the strongest operators will have any hope of loading it.
  Weapon/Wealth Level/Properties/Banes   Spring Bolter/2/Two-Handed, Range 35, Swift 2/Slowed   Pulley Bolter/3/Two-Handed, Range 50, Swift 1, Precise/Slowed   Heavy Pulley Bolter/4/Two-Handed, Heavy, Range 75, Precise/Knockdown, Slowed, Stunned   Characteristics:   Spring Bolters of all sorts are have an additional limit to the number of targets they can engage: magazine capacity and the number of shots left in it; they are still subject to the 5 target limit.   Bolts are interchangeable between all Spring Bolter types, but they are not compatible with bows or crossbows, and arrows and quarrels are not compatible with Spring Bolters.   Reloading a magazine is a full round action if the magazine is empty and being reloaded to full.   If used as a club with the rifle stock, Spring Bolters have the following Properties/Banes:   Spring Bolter and Pulley Bolter: Two-Handed/Stunned   Heavy Pulley Bolter: Two-Handed, Heavy/Knockdown, Stunned

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A large, strong sping is compressed to provide the propelling force to the specially designed bolts. Working the pump moves the spring into tension, opens access to the magazine allowing a bolt to fall into the slot, and then the trigger releases the spring forwards, where it launches the bolt forward out of the weapon.


Prestigious weapon, owing to the effort that goes into its construction and associations with elite forces and high level adventurers.

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Related ethnicities
Uncommon to Rare, depending on the type.
3.5 to 7kg (normal to multiple pulley system)
Raw materials & Components
Wood, steel, and bronze are the primary materials used to create this weapon.
The capacity to create a spring with the right properties is the biggest challenge, and the greatest tooling requirement.


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