Northern Savannah

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The Northern Savannah is the dominant feature of the Southern Continent, and is a lush, verdant expanse of wild animals, dangerous beasts, and trapped magic. Mighty baobab trees rise into the skies above it, and its rivers pour into rich deltas as adventurers and merchants make their way across it, seeking fortune and glory for themselves, their guilds, or the empire.   These lands are home to Iumbu, the Empire of the Obsidian Throne, and several minor nations. The area is dominated by humans, but Monsterfolk are present as well. The latter run the gamut from citizens or allies with the Iumbu (the Lizardfolk of the Okoro Delta) to sovereign powers (the Salamando peoples of the Volcano Kingdoms) to hostile forces (the Garanga Elephantfolk in the southern bushlands).


Sprawling for thousands of square kilometres, and contains lush grasslands, brushlands, rivers, and several impressive deltas. It is separated from the Coast of Bones and Lost Saqah by the Raincatch Mountains in the east. The north is bordered by the Great Northern Jungle and the Northern Coast, and the south in bounded by the Roc Mounts.   Several dormant volcanos dot the landscape, and are notable for their overabundance of obsidian. Obsidian is common in the extreme here, to the point where in some areas, its the basis for strange, and deadly, micro-biomes and unique environmental hazards like shard pits and razor sands. The majority of this obsidian dates from the war of liberation against the Dragon Imperium, when Magma Drakes ravaged the lands and were countered by the elemental water magic of Iburi heroes.

Fauna & Flora

The Northern Savannah is rich in flora and fauna, but the ravages of the Magister War and the Lost Era have deeply disturbed its natural order, with beasts and plants from the distant past transported to the modern age. As a result, modern and prehistoric animals and plants are competing and mixing to create new evolutionary lines, all of which makes the savannah more dangerous than ever before. There are many monsters in the Northern Savannah, although beast types tend to the dominant ones. Magical beasts follow them in commonality and are the main concern of most peoples living there, especially those fused to obsidian, which tend to be magic resistant.   Flora in the Northern Savannah is mostly benign, and the baobab tree forests are famous for their beauty and fruit. Magically fused with obsidian in the distant past, there are some plants considered dangerous pests, like blood grass or the malevolent creation known as the shard tree. Other plants, similarly fused, are considered prestigious decorations, like the delicate (and sharp) razor orchids.

Natural Resources

Clay: Clay is present in great amounts, as the result of volcanic eruptions in the distant past. Ceramic arts and construction are staples of the peoples who live on the Northern Savannah.   Obsidian: The obsidian in the Northern Savannah is only challenged for quality by the obsidian produced in the lands of the Itlan, across the sea, but unmatched in abundance. Used for tools, magic, and decoration, it is difficult if not impossible to find a household without obsidian in it. Iburi and Dakan made obsidian jewelry is in great demand in the cool nations to the south.   Gems: Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are found in great quantities in the Northern Savannah.   Baobab: The mighty baobab trees are common across the Northern Savannah, and provide fruit, medicines, brewing ingredients, and more. Attempts to domesticate these trees have met with limited success.
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The Northern Grasslands, the Obsidian Grasslands, The Obsidian Savannah
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